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We had never seen this site before when we came upon it by accident while working on geneology for our family line and found my own Grandma on here. I was not able to go see my Grandmas grave and I was unable to be there when she crossed and after I learned how this site worked I was able to request a photo and a volunteer actually went and got one for me and it was on the very next day. That was a miracle for me and I appreciated it so very much. I have tried to repay that favor by doing the same for people who cant come to my area but would love to see their relatives grave sites. Thank you to whoever put my grandma on here. I know some people tend to get upset or feel violated in some way when they discover that someone has put up a photo and memorial for their loved ones on here and I can understand their side of it in a way but sometimes people who have crossed don't have anyone left to remember them or honor them with a memorial to show that they once lived and sometimes some of them don't have anyone who cares to do it and we feel that everyone deserves to be acknowledged and to be honored with a memorial. No one should be forgotten. It also helps relatives later in life that are doing genealogy and looking for relatives who have long passed. It is not done to dishonor anyone or steal anything or hurt others. What we do is out of respect and honor and remembrance only and the hope to help relatives later who are doing genealogy work. We Do Not make any sort of Profit from it, it is Strictly Voluntary. If someone finds a memorial that we have done and do not want it up, please by all means let us know and we will take it down for you. We do not mean any disrespect and do not wish to cause anyone more pain than they have already gone through with their loss. You can also ask the person who made the memorial to turn it over to you if you are a relative and normally that person will have no problem with doing that for relatives. That gives u managment of your relatives memorial so it is not in the hands of a stranger. We think that is possibly part of the hurtful feeling to some is that it was created by a stranger. I know when I first saw my grandmas memorial I was a tiny bit hurt that someone else had made it but then I realized if they hadn't made it, I would not have known where she was at and then I was even able to see a photo thanks to a volunteer who got it for me. Now I am just grateful. If we were ever asked to turn over a memorial to a relative we would do so in a heartbeat. We made it but it was made for your relative. It is yours and your relatives. You can manage it and make whatever changes you need to or want to.

One thing I would like to point out on here to other findagravers is that when you are randomly going through and taking pictures and you find a memorial has already been made for the headstone in your picture, it is a good idea to look at the name of the creator of the memorial and the poster of other pictures on the memorial and comments left to determine if it is managed by a relative or not especially if it is fairly recent before you just start randomly adding photos and sending them edits about the memorial because if it’s a recent death in their own family they are still in the grieving process and it seems more like some random bossy person coming along barking orders at them trying to tell them what to do and say when it comes to their own family members and that can be quite hurtful and angering when they really need to be able to do this at their own pace, think about how you would feel if it was your parents or grandparents or child and you needed to work on the memorial at your own pace, but some random person starts trying to correct you or take extra pictures and add them. Living people need a certain amount of time and space to grieve before we attack their buried relatives with cameras....

Myself, My Cousin, My Parents and My Children now work on this together and we have a very large family. We feel that everyone, no matter what they may have done in their physical life, deserves forgiveness and peace once they have crossed over and we still honor them with a memorial of remembrance and acknowledgement that they once lived. So Please do not disrespect anyone who has crossed over by leaving rude comments on our memorials for them even if you personally feel that they don't have any right to be respected or remembered, you need to stop and realize that they had family who are also hurting and sorry for any pain and suffering caused by their relative and they feel shame and sadness and they have also lost a family member and that this family member most likely was a victim to someone in their own past and seriously mentally/physically harmed and that led them down a dark path that caused them to do the things they did, so please don't say hurtful things on certain memorials that we have as you never know when a hurting family member could come across it and they are innocent and it just causes them pain. Yes we feel sorrow and pain for the victims and the families of the victims as well and before you judge me as not having empathy for them, you need to realize you don't know me or who I am or what my past holds, if I can forgive, why can't you? God and Jesus forgive, so should we as it was never our place to pass judgement. Thank You.

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