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(I indicate each individual's placing in order of birth with their biologically full-blood brother/s and/or sister/s - if any - M/s and/or F/s from left to right, oldest to youngest. Capitalized is the M or F representing the individual being focused in on.)


I was born at the Hannibal Regional Hospital in Hannibal, Marion County, Missouri, on Wednesday, 25 Sep. 1996, at 1:06 a.m. I was delivered by Dr. Sandra Jane Ahlum, M.D.

I am the oldest of 3 sons and 1 daughter (M.m.m.f) born to the Rev. PRIVATE Purkaple (LIVING) and PRIVATE (Jett) Purkaple (LIVING).

My Dad (m.M.f) is the son of PRIVATE Purkaple (LIVING) and Karen Sue (Thomas) Purkaple (12 Nov. 1947, Glen Carbon, Madison County, Illinois - 16 July 2010, Memorial Hospital, Belleville, St. Clair County, Illinois).

My Mom (m.m.f.F.m) is the daughter of PRIVATE Jett (LIVING) and PRIVATE (Jackson) Jett (LIVING).


My Granddad (M.m.m) is the son of Donald James "Don" Purkaple (30 Dec. 1927, St. Louis, Missouri - 15 Sep. 1989, Creal Springs, Williamson County, Illinois) and Helen Irma (Eaves) Amunrud (4 Mar. 1928, Anna, Union County, Illinois - 11 June 2010, 4:27 p.m. at Parkway Manor, Marion, Williamson County, Illinois), who married PRIVATE Amunrud (LIVING) some years after her husband Don's death. This second husband survived her.

My Grandma Purkaple (m.F.m) - now with her Lord in Heaven - was the daughter of Carl Edwin Thomas (22 June 1914, Scottsville, Allen County, Kentucky - 30 Jan. 2005, Maryville, Madison County, Illinois) and Thelma Juanita (Turnbull) Thomas (25 July 1916, Potosi, Washington County, Missouri - 1 June 1959, Richmond Heights, St. Louis County, Missouri).

My Grandpa Jett (f.m.m.m.m.f.f.M.m.f) is the son of Alfred Cecil Jett (5 June 1900, Marion County, Illinois - 16 Nov. 1982, Marion County, Illinois) and Viola Marie (Scates) Jett (17 Aug. 1904, Central City, Marion County, Illinois - 9 July 1967, Patoka, Marion County, Illinois).

My Grandma Jett (f.f.F.m.f.f) is the daughter of Charles Robert "Charlie/Charley" Jackson (1 Aug. 1898, Marion County, Illinois - 23 Feb. 1970, Marion County, Illinois) and Ethel (Meador) Jackson (22 Sep. 1910, Marion County, Illinois - 8 Sep. 2002, Marion County, Illinois).


My biological great-grandfather Don (m.f.f.M) was the son of Dudley Lee Purkaple (5 Mar. 1883, Petersburg, Menard County, Illinois, as Theron Lee Purkapile - 3 Aug. 1952, Dongola, Union County, Illinois) and Ruth (Elmore) Purkaple (21 Sep. 1893, Illinois - 31 Oct. 1957, Union County, Illinois).

My Grandma Amunrud (m.F.m.f) was the daughter of George Franklin "Frank" Eaves (8 Mar. 1894, Union County, Illinois - 8 Feb. 1952, Union County, Illinois) and Mamie Edith (Martin) Eaves (11 Oct. 1895, Jonesboro, Union County, Illinois - 13 Aug. 1980, Maryville, Madison County, Illinois).

My Grandpa Amunrud is the son of Arnol Alvin Amunrud (Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Army - 17 Aug. 1905, Houston County, Minnesota - 22 June 1974, Fort Bragg, Cumberland County, North Carolina) and Edith Katherine (Dettinger) Amunrud (28 Dec. 1905, Wisconsin - 13 Feb. 2001).

Carl Thomas was the son of George Boone Thomas (3 May 1889, Kentucky - 5 December 1968, Granite City, Madison County, Illinois)and Lucy D. (Cook) Thomas (17 July 1890, Allen County, Kentucky - 17 October 1977, Maryville, Madison County, Illinois).Charley Jackson was the son of Thomas Garland Jackson (1856 - 1946)and Alta Ann (Allmon) Jackson.Frank Eaves was the son of Andrew Jackson Eaves and Emma (Treece) Eaves.Mamie Eaves was the daughter of Franklin Phil(l)ip Martin and Louisa (Barnes) Martin.Ruth Purkaple was the daughter of John W. Elmoreand Anna Ledora (Harmes) Elmore.Lee, who changed his name sometime before 1912 was the son of John Purkapile (1844 - 1928)and Aurestine A. (McClure) Purkapile (1846 - 1914).John was the son of James S. Purkapile (1812 - 1878)and Jane(tte) (Nance) Purkapile (1818 - 1858).Jane was the daughter of Eaton Nance (1794? - 1879)and Mary "Polly" (Hash) Nance (1793? - 1860).Thomas was the son of James M. Jackson (1823 - 1873)and Elizabeth (Johnson) Jackson (d. 1859).James was the son of Robert Jackson (1794 - 1864) and Ann (Blackledge) Jackson (1795? - 8 March 1863, Westboro, Clinton County, Ohio).Robert was the son of Samuel Jackson (1757 - 1829).Samuel was the brother of Andrew Jackson (1737 - 1767).Andrew was the father of President Andrew Jackson (1767 - 1845).Old Andru Berke(n)beil was the son of Johan(nes) Arnold Birkenbeul (or other surname variations, ca. 1680, Germany - ca. 1745).Johan(nes) A. Birkenbeul was the son of Johan(nes) (or Hans Wilhelm, name varies per source) Birkenbeul (or other surname variations, ca. 1647, Birkenbeul, Hamm, Altenkirchen, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany - 17 May 1732)and Elsa (Meister) Birkenbeul (or other surname variations, ca. 1655 - ????),who were married (supposedly) 15 Sep. 1677.

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