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To quote Alison, an amazing, dedicated contributor to Find A Grave -
"History belongs to all of us and it should be shared freely."

"I mean, they say you die twice. One time when you stop breathing and a second time, a bit later on, when somebody says your name for the last time." — Banksy

I believe what Banksy said. When we stop saying the names of our friends and family, who are no longer with us on this earth - that's when our true death occurs. When we are all forgotten to time, perhaps this legacy of the thousands of hours of research that F A G contributors have done here will be a source of enlightenment to who we once were.

Thoughts on Obituaries -
I have added a number of published obituaries and or articles which have enhanced the F A G memorials, and often clear up confusion as to when the person was born and died, their family connections, etc. I have had fabulous feedback from F A G members on how the obituaries and published articles help tell the story of the person who we are honouring here, with providing potential details of their lives.

Obituaries are usually written by a close member or family friend, or if the deceased has no living family, the obituary may be written by the funeral home or mortuary. A family member pays to have their departed loved one's obituary published - in the days before internet, a printed copy. The fee is paid so that EVERYONE gets a notice about the person who passed. This information, once published, is considered public domain. It is not private, nor is it "weird" to have an obituary as part of the memorial pages here on F A G, as it helps tell the story of the person's life. Obituaries are released by the family with information that the family has approved to share with the world.

Photos of headstones are great - but that's not what F A G is all about though - knowing where a person's final remains or physical memorial is located is part of the story of the person who has passed, just as are the obituary, funeral notice, a bio or article on a person life, published by a newspaper or on-line resource.

Part of the death process is the public announcement of our deaths. These printed obituaries and articles are all public domain, and sources are always credited. If you should find an published obituary added to one of your family members who has a memorial here on F A G, and you want it removed for some reason, please contact me directly from the person's memorial page.

Also, if you are looking for a printed obituary for one of your family members, please contact me with the person's F A G memorial page number, and I would be happy to search for it for you!

When my time on this planet called earth is done, I hope that someone cares enough about me to take the time to do what I and so many others have done here, and add my memorial - and continue to help preserve the history of all our individuals lives. :)

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