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My father and I have been very interested in genealogy and history for many. From 2012-2017, my father and I collaborated on the memorial pages together. We started creating memorials to honor our lost loved ones as well as provide a place for our family to remember and pay tribute to them. Sadly, it was my beloved father, who did so much work on these pages, who passed away in Nov. 2017. I am trying to continue working on our family history in his honor.

If anyone is related to someone on our memorial pages, we'd love to hear from you so we could share information.

Photos that I own and have posted to memorial pages, please leave a message for permission to use the photos due to copyright issues, credit would be appreciated.. In general, if you did not take the photo yourself, do not post it. The only exceptions to this are photos that have fallen into the public domain and photos for which you have received written consent from the copyright holder.

Family Names Researched:

Amerlan, Thomas, Wolflick, Woods, Turton, Ratcliff, Doswell, Trichneu, Birchhall, Harrison, Taylor, Holbroke, Simkin, Leyland,

Peterson, Peddersson, Carlson, Karlsson, Andersson, Jonsson, Nilsson, Danielsson, Kudart, Wieser, Emde, Erickson, Blomberg, Thiem, Ewald, Schulz, Gerstler, Dietrich, Schwantke, Cornelius

Gaumer, Gomer, Runion, Runyon, Runyan, Rongnion, DeWitt, McDaniel, Disney, White, Miller, Albaugh, Allbaugh, Ahlbach, Meinart, Meinert, Troxell, Trachsel, Ridenour, Reitenauer, Swegart, Swigert, Fisher, Teisher, Sowash, Sauvage, Saeger, Säger, Martin, Mertens, Shirar, Salisbury, Perrault, Vial, Scheneider, Seitz, Arnet, Springer, Windstien, Schar, Eich, Christen, Schumann, Weaver, Weber, Garhard, Mollina, Gerber, Fredericksen, Meyer, Hermans, Ullrey, Hunsecker, Brengle, Bratton, Gunset, Bertchen, Bertschen, Tueschen, Nussbaum, Hugi, Griessen, Jaussi, Buergli(Bürgli), Cloter, Bitsch, Zehfuss, Ganzert, Bormuth, Krieck, Bitschi,

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