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My research for the Remembrance Rug often brings me across additional info - which I like to provide so that these records may be more complete and others will not need to duplicate that research.

There is a video one of my cousins made in 2011 when it was somewhat shorter than now:

As of Memorial Day 2020 the RRug is 250 feet long and contains symbols for 14,695 (still plenty left to add). The Remembrance Rug has never solicited donations. Please let me know if someone is claiming to do so.

Note in general:
When a person dies while on active duty they are entitled to have their hard earned rank as their Title. Please do not join the divisive, non-servers who pretend to have authoritative information on when to (and not to) include a military title on a memorial. The easiest way to know their claim is false (to omit rank in most cases) is to simply look at any military headstone.

That they have creatively cut-and-pasted a section from Forms of Address (for veterans who have moved into the civilian realm) can hardly be accidental. I believe the disrespect is no accident, but their sickness is not for me to cure.

At any rate, I endeavor to include Rank in the field provided by Find-A-Grave for it. The list was expanded a couple of years ago so I know many of the appropriate abbreviations did not exist at the time many pages were originally established, but I generally only suggest an edit for them if I am updating at least one other field and to get it to conform to the current list provided by Find-A-Grave.

Also, please note that there is a difference between where a fatal injury occurs and the official place of death. It is normal for someone to be taken for medical care, but end up dying anyway. The place of death is where they died - not where they were fatally injured.

Final thought. Just as memorial services provided by the government (often by a National Guard unit) are considered the final demonstration of a grateful nation provided to a veteran's family (in which the veteran will be referred to by rank, regardless of how much time has elapsed) - the care we take here should reflect a similar sentiment, IMHO.

P.S. Since my Mother's side of the family - direct descendants of Brigham Young - were Mormon the family history was already well documented before I was even born. I knew how many "greats" there were before Him and other notables in my family line, like John Hancock, before I started First Grade.

It came as a surprise to me that this was the exception, not the rule. I have seen the change during the course of my life and how technology has assisted in the research.

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