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I LOVE OBITUARIES, POST THEM!!! A world of info, sometimes the paper itself is an old jewel!
I'm NOT RELATED to anyone in Cypress Lawn in Colma, CA, so PLEASE ASK ME FOR A TRANSFER !!!

I don't mind edits at all. It tells me you have found someone you have been looking for, and that you have something to contribute to make the memorial more accurate and interesting. Do it.

I just don't like to post detailed census records with all their useless information. That is not a biography. Don't ask me.
I will post a reference to it and add the useful information.

But I'm especially annoyed with people who rant about their "copyrights to grave marker photos." Are you here to help others, or what ???

YOU ARE WELCOME TO ANYTHING I HAVE AND COPY IT TO WHEREVER YOU WISH. You need not ask for my permission. And although it may be polite, you need not give me the original credit. Whatever I post, whatever site I post it on, I do it so you will find it, love it, and use it for your own. Free of charge. It's a gift. I will TRANSFER a memorial without giving you the third degree about whether you are worthy or not. (Unless of course they are of my direct line, please understand.) Just ask me, go ahead. I'm pretty easy to get along with. :0)

If you are researching folks in Nevada County, I strongly suggest you visit Doris Foley Library
Doris Foley Library in Nevada City has a vast amount of historical records and wonderful volunteers.
Greenwood Memorial Gardens in Grass Valley, CA was a project that lasted a few years. We walked, dug, documented, researched, made new maps, had a really good time. Thanks Mary Lou. Miss you!

If you find an error, be kind. I make mistakes too. But I strive for accuracy. It's a curse and an obsession.

Life's short. Play nice. Practice random acts of kindness. Stress is optional. Thank you, all you other Find-A-Grave volunteers! You are so awesome!!!

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