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I have been doing genealogy since 1989 as a means of working thru my grief when I lost my beloved Grandma. Family was everything to her, having come from a family of 21 children, not all of whom lived. She herself lost 3 out of 5 and her husband at age 47. She never remarried. I never heard her say a bad word about another human being and was a true Christian, sweet and humble. An amazing woman who taught me about unconditional love, looking for gray and not just black and white, and faith in all things. Thanks Grandma I love you still. Heaven's gain was our loss.

When I was in high school my Daddy worked on building Red Rock Dam at Pella, Iowa. Part of his responsibilities was moving old cemetaries out of the path of the water that would ultimately claim them. He would speak of his work at the supper table each night and enthrall me with stories, bringing each person almost to life again. He took his duties very seriously, and treated each grave with respect and reverance. The US Government honored him for his dedication with a plaque still seen in Washington DC. Good job Daddy.

Researching Steenberg, Jacobson, Huffman, Russell,Rhoades, Brice, Bartholomew, Tomer, Morris, Turner, Cooley, Reed, Davis, Britton, and a raft of others.

Anyone desiring a transfer of their relative only need ask. Please state relationship to the person.

In your haste to enter a lot of names and be "top contributor" on here, please give some regard to accuracy. It is more important to impart correct information to someone seeking a grave than to hurry up and "get the name in" and lead someone astray. Someone in Missouri entered my two great uncles as being husband and wife! If you don't know, then just make the memorial and don't add erroneous information that is totally ridiculous and makes FAG look incompetent. Also, some regard for people who just lost a loved one would be appreciated. Someone entered my foster mother's name just days after her death in her haste to "be first". Then went so far as to tell the entire world where these people live and their names to boot. I don't care a thing about the numbers, I am one of the people out there beating the bushes looking for that elusive picture that all of us want to see of our loved ones, which is exactly what our ancestors are to us genealogy bugs. The contribution of the photo is as important as zillion names. It takes a lot longer to drive, find, shoot, drive home, and upload than to sit and enter data. But none of this is worth anything if the info is not accurate. So please be courteous, respectful of the dead AND their families, and accurate


i really don't care if there is a feature for you to add and merge info into a memorial that I bothered to secure data for, photograph, and maintain accuracy in. If you feel you need to have info added, contact me and I will add it. I am not in agreement to let just anyone merge info into a memorial that I am supposed to manage, How this makes this MY managed memorial, I'm not sure. But I will not add or allow merged info or photos into my memorials that I have spent copious time checking for accuracy. Just this week I have had info merged that gave a gravesite to their kids, a woman married to her son, and photos that look like they were taken by a 2nd grader over grave photos that were professionally done. ASK first. This is FIND A GRAVE, NOT FIND A GENEALOGY. That's what Ancestry is for. Don't send me 15 pages of genealogy and expect me to add this. This is not the place for that. Save your time and mine by finding the correct place to deposit that info. I will add info but I need to know that your info is accurate and prefer to add that info from bonafide family members, not some virtual stranger who thinks they have to take over cemetery work I have done simply because they didn't get there first and wished they had. Thanks for listening to the rant. I am beginning to suspect FAG is not the organization it once was, and that is sad.


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