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Zen proverb: "When we are born, we cry and the world rejoices. When we die, we rejoice and the world cries."<br /><br />For the benefit of the descendants, I feel that accuracy is paramount. In this respect, I FIND A GRAVE before creating a memorial, then I attempt to research each individual, in hopes of finding familial links. I do not sit at the computer, blindly creating memorials from fresh obituaries or fifty year old third party US GenWeb surveys.<br /> <br />However diligent in my research, I occasion to make inaccurate entries. I generally revert to the earliest source for the most accurate data, but I welcome alternate information. I promise that I will not require congressional hearings before making a correction. <br /><br /><i>For those unfamiliar with Southern drawls:</i> Ida is Ider, Eula is Euler, Lula is Lular, and so on. I tend to revert to the proper spelling and disregard the phonetic spelling commonly found on headstones.<br /><br />In all but the rarest cases, I refuse to link to <i>burial unknown</i> memorials. There are appropriate sites available for those interested only in re-creating family trees. I am of the opinion that imaginary graves defeat the purpose of this site.<br /><br /><b>My goal is to assist others in their research.</b><br /><br />Please note that I am not a rabid memorial collector. Many of the memorials which I manage are not of related individuals, so transfer requests are welcome. Unlike so many other members, I do not regard the transfer guidelines as a royal decree. Besides, it isn't as if someone else is growing closer in kinship to the deceased, since we aren't moving backwards through time. <br /> <br />---------- Personal Biographic -----------<br /><br />I am a professional songwriter/publisher who lives near Nashville. Family genealogy is one of my favorite pastimes. The primary family surnames that I am researching are: White, Laney, Gorham, Rice, Adams, Adcock, Bean, Berry, Bird, Denton, Dunagan, Farrar, Field, Finney, Funderburk, Gaines, Griffin, Haisten, Hooper, Jefferson, Key, Morgan, Neal, Nelms, Pollard, and Walker. <br /><br /> ** Legal Addendum & Sundry Items **<br /><br />Many make a big fuss in respect to what they mistakenly perceive as "copyrighted" material. Since I am in the publishing business, it is my job to be intimately familiar with copyright law.<br /><br />Proper copyrighting presumes a legal course of action, which requires paperwork and monetary outlay, it is not magically granted by the Copyright Wizard.<br /><br />First and foremost: <i><b>If you didn't take the photo, you have no legal claim to copyright.</b></i><br /><br />Collectors who own prints and negatives think that they are in a great position. But they merely own prints and negatives. Section 202 of the Copyright Act states a basic rule that ownership of a copyright <i>"is distinct from ownership of any material object in which the object of the work is embodied."</i> <br /><br />Look at it this way: You might own the record or the CD - but you don't own the music.<br /><br />Having cleared that up, PLEASE FEEL FREE to use any photos that I have posted, either of individuals or headstones. I am not interested in "credit" for these photos. Generosity seems to be lacking in respect to the sharing & redistribution of long-lost photos of loved ones. Besides, they're not just my relatives... they're <i>our</i> relatives.<br /><br />Last, I would like to point out that I have been informed by administration that it is considered 'derogatory' for me to refer to self-appointed site monitors as the 'chalk police' on my own bio page. I am terribly sorry if I've offended anyone.<br /><br />On the bright side, I am left to assume that it is still perfectly acceptable for other members to leave all sorts of judgmental and rude remarks in my public message section, so have at it. I'm not so easily offended. However I will not remove the messages that are left by these members, so my advice is to choose your words wisely...they will follow you like a lost dog.

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