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Please Note: If you have edits that you would like me to make, or information you would like me to add, that's wonderful, but please use the edit function for that particular memorial page. I'm old, my eyes are bad, the changes will get accomplished much much (much!) faster if folks use the edit function. Sometimes a person will just send me a whole bunch of info that they've cut & pasted into an email, & it might take me forever to slowly work on it. My main work is as a photographer. I just put up memorial pages as a sideline in case relatives come looking. Working at a computer screen is, unfortunately, not easy for me. Please do not send me an email unless you also send me an email that I can reply to. Thanks for your consideration!

If I have put up any memorial pages when there was already a page made, please accept my apologies, let me know, and I will be glad to delete the page I made. Unfortunately, sometimes doing a search on findagrave brings up no results when indeed a page has already been made. (Sometimes folks get snarky about seeing a duplicate of a page they've already made and there's really no need to get bent out of shape about it.)

I'm a senior citizen who loves both cemeteries & photography so am willing to help out taking cemetery photos when I can & when it's allowed by the cemetery management. Feel free to contact me privately to take a photo. Live back & forth between DeKalb County in northeast Illinois, & Rome, Italy.

If I take a photo for you, feel free to use it where you wish. You need not ask my permission as long as you give me appropriate credit. Thanks! (And I'm not likely to get bent out of shape if you don't give me credit either.)

However, any photos that I have placed on memorial sites that I currently manage are NOT available for anyone else to use, even if credit is given because if somebody asks me to transfer the page to them, I want the uses of any photos to be their decision.

When I go to a cemetery to take photo requests for other folks, I sometimes take photos of other gravestones in the area as well if there's something about them that calls out to me. If those deceased aren't listed on findagrave, every so often I'll list them just in case their descendants/relatives come looking at some point. If I've made a memorial page for someone who is not related to me but is related to you & you'd like the page transferred to you, let me know. I have NO NO NO problem with making such transfers. I feel that it's much more appropriate that pages be managed by a family member or even a close friend if no family member wishes to do it. I don't really wish to "own" any pages if the deceased person isn't a member of my family.

Mount Carmel Cemetery, Hillside, IL Section X:

Mount Carmel Cemetery was founded in 1901. Cook County took a large chunk of the northeast corner for a potter's field for the western part of Cook County. Later, the Little Sisters of the Poor took it over to manage it. The people who died in their nursing homes could be buried there, also other poor people who wouldn't be able to afford a grave. Nowadays, Catholic Charities also arranges for poverty level people to be buried there.

Of the thousands of people buried there since 1901, there are only around 200 markers at most because, while the burial site is free to the families, if they want a marker, they have to provide that themselves. And few families were ever able to do so.

Unfortunately, the cemetery has records on only a small fraction of the people buried there, since, over the years, they've left it up to Cook County & Little Sisters of the Poor to keep the records.

I have photographed all the markers that are in Section X as of April 2015 & have put up memorial pages for those individuals where markers exist except for one person whose family has already put up a really nice page. A few of the markers I actually had to dig out of the ground. I did the best I could with 'em.


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