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******From here on out please send me proof with your edits. I have been getting a tremendous amount of mistakes sent to me.
Most of these people are my family that I am working on as time permits. I have the
accurate data and will enter it when I can.
We need to keep these memorials accurate.
I had someone yell at me for making a mistake on his grandfather's memorial. WELL that was yet another edit sent to me from someone else! Since then, I have been checking all edits and was pretty shocked to see how many are wrong.
Don't forget the words "Thank you".
They go a LONG way! And the words "You're welcome" don't hurt either.
Did you know? When you put in an edit and someone ignores it, the memorial will automatically edit itself in 21 days. The only way it won't is if the person declines it.

1) PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE NO dates or your name through the pictures. This is REALLY tacky!
They look awful and are SO unnecessary!! This is about them, not us.

2) No chopped off around the sides. There should be 'outdoors' around all 4 sides. I want to see what the stone looks like! Some stone pics were chopped to just show the name & date.
This looks awful, get the whole stone in the picture! Many people chop the top of the stone off...why?

3) If there's a tall stone with the info on the side, take a picture of the whole stone and then a picture of the writing.

Lloyd Smith

4) The stone picture looks best if it's taken in front of the stone, not at an angle. Stones at an angle look awful. A trick I use to keep my reflection off the stone: I stand behind another stone and use the zoom on the camera.

5) No 'postage stamp' sized pictures. Set your
camera to take regular sized pictures.

6) Please take the time to brush the leaves and grass clippings off the stone.

It's not all about 'point and shoot' to hurry up. Take some time taking the pictures. Let's honor our dead as best as we can by taking beautiful pictures. These pictures will most likely be the only ones on the internet for generations to come!

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