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Please DO NOT add death certificates to my memorials. If you want to add them to your memorials, that's up to you. I personally do not want family members seeing them on my memorials.

I was born, raised and have lived in the Gaston County area of NC my entire life. I am a woman who like most women carry many titles in their lives.I don't think we always realize how many titles or roles we do carry. While many roles or titles are the same for women, we all also have roles that may be unique and different than others. I guess for me one of those would be a graver. Some of my own family and friends do not understand my fascination with this or why I do it. And the car decal is really a conversation piece, especially in the workplace and church. But I enjoy doing this so much and came upon it by accident. I have always been fascinated by cemeteries and the history there. It angers me that they are not maintained better. I know there is limitations on things but I do feel there should be better maintenance and preservation of our history. I also find it frustrating and feel some are all about numbers and don't do the research or connection of family links, especially when you see the same contributor has for instance entered a husband and wife. I know we don't always know but when the marker is dual and things like that I have to question.. I have sent edits to some only to be rejected without reason. I assure you if I send an edit I have tried to do research to the best of my ability to make sure it is correct. I also feel that if you add all you can find it may help reduce duplicates. I have duplicated myself because of a given name verses a called name being on the memorial. Some will not add if the marker does not have. I feel it best to add and notate on memorial to try and prevent duplicates. I also know there are FAG rules and guidelines to abide by. I don't necessarily agree with all of them but I have to abide. I do admit I don't do that completely but I feel I am a good contributor. I certainly do not claim to be perfect and I have made many mistakes since starting but I do try to be thorough. Anyway, I simply enjoy contributing to this site. I try my best to add as much information as I can possibly find on all memorials. When I've not got memorials to create I go back to the ones already created and work on those. I like to try to always improve them.

**************** ARE YOU SAVED?*****************
We are confident, I say, and willing rather to be absent from the body, and to be present with the Lord. Corinthians 5:8 KJV

God's Blessings to Each of You *************************************************
Things I Will Do or You Can Do:
I will gladly add or change as needed per suggestions and/or corrections. I will transfer to you according to FAG guidelines. I will also transfer in certain circumstances as long as it would not become a habit. I do understand that people have friends or other people who mean as much to them but are not related by blood. You can copy any of my pictures and use. Please make sure the picture was added by me though. Please do copy and add for sure if you are entering a memorial where there is a deceased spouse already entered with a picture of a dual marker. I do not have to have acknowledgement notated when I send you suggestions or edits. If you don'T agree or unsure of an edit I send please ask where I got the info for verification if needed before refusing to use. Please be courteous enough if you refuse an edit to tell me why. Each contributor may have a different approach to what they will edit. If it is something you will not change/add it could save us both time in the future. I would know not to send certain edits to you. Notify me of any errors you find. *************************************************
Pet Peeves of Mine: Please do not add the following to any of my memorials:
Death Certificates: I do a lot of research by using death certificates. All the information on the death certificate can be instituted in the memorial. You can even ask to have the DC# added to the notes for someone to use, but I ABSOLUTELY DO NOT LIKE pictures of them on the memorials I have created. I think pictures of them look awful on the memorials. This is not the place for death certificates - it is a place to honor the lives of those who have gone before us. PLEASE DO NOT ADD TO THE MEMORIALS I HAVE ENTERED. I WILL ASK FOR REMOVAL FROM FAG IF I SEE. Scanned obits: If you have an obituary, type it in a Word format or send to me and I will,send by the Suggest any other correction or addition link, and I'll add it to the bio giving you credit. When I see scanned obituaries on my memorials, I will ask you to remove it or I will have it deleted by FAG.

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