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I love history, historical research, old buildings, abandoned buildings, old barns, ancient churches, and old cemeteries. Historical research is my favorite activity.

Find A Grave memorials administered by me are those of my own ancestors and I take the preservation of their memorials and records very seriously.


Because I do not believe it is right for descendants to possessively claim sole ownership of ancestors' images we are merely lucky enough to inherit, I am happy to freely share photos and documents I post to this site.

Finding what I write copied and pasted word-for-word on other websites and in family genealogy books, however, is not cool. That is not sharing; it is plagiarizing. If you copy and paste what I wrote, please credit this site and my username as your source.

Sources should be credited regardless of whether a person is creating an original record or merely copying another person's. Aside from ethics, I see mistakes in records of people who've copied and pasted what I and others wrote, but because historical accuracy is a work in progress and we were not provided as sources, readers cannot contact us to verify the information remains unchanged. That's bad history.

If you have questions about my knowledge or sources, feel free to contact me for sharing and comparing notes. Collaboration contributes to reliable and rewarding historical research.

This is not a family tree site, but a memorial site.

Please do not upload photos of fake headstones (which violates FG rules anyway), or anything else that is not an image of relevant persons, places, or genuine burial and/or memorial sites. Documents do not qualify as any of those three categories, so please clear it with me before uploading documents. Photos of personal messages and/or digital flower/notes do not qualify and will not be approved. There is an avenue available from FG for those.

When leaving digital flower/notes, please do not use flashing/blinking/spinning images because such images are distracting and undignified. Also, do not include bio information; doing so violates FG rules. If you have biographical information you would like added to a memorial, please send it to me with supporting documentation or a link to your supporting information (family trees do not qualify). Or, if it is appropriate, I can add it with a note that it's not yet been verified.

Further, as this is a memorial site, unverifiable familial relations do not belong in memorial bios, nor should they be linked to other memorials.

Family trees do not substantiate a claim because many contain inaccuracies. Because we believe something to be true doesn't inherently make it so. Emotional investment in a family story is not reliable, substantive evidence of anything. Family lore and gossip do not definitively establish familial relationships. For those reasons, it is inappropriate to add merely rumored relatives to memorials. It is also unfair and disrespectful to the deceased and his or her descendants; not to mention visitors will assume accuracy and spread misinformation on their family trees across the Internet.

If requests to remove dubious relations from bios or links are denied, I will request Find A Grave intervene and remove them.

If you have information you would like me to include, or supported corrections to what I have posted, please do not hesitate to contact me. Accuracy and inclusion are important. I thank you in advance!

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