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I believe everyone deserves to be remembered.

That which you share, multiplies and divides. That which you withhold, diminishes and dies. W. Clement Stone

Simple words on a piece of paper will bring life to any character we choose. The ONLY reason we know about George Washington, Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, Martin Luther King and other great men, is simply because someone somewhere took the time to put simple words on a piece of paper.

I am reminded of confederate soldier gone for such a long time that his family feared he had perished in the war. One day his wife saw him coming up the road and, "was so happy to see him, she didn't bother to open the gate but jumped the fence and ran to meet him". Thanks to Lisa Franklin and other genealogists , I will always have this vision of my ancestor.

I wish only to remember a life. I do not know all the answers and encourage ANYONE related to add memories, corrections and family connections.

An elderly Uncle has filled my ears with his adventures as a child. Missing information prompted me to begin a "short" search for him. However, I am now hopelessly hooked. The more I dig, the more questions I have.

My earliest found connection to Skipper:
1. James Skipper from Cumberland Co. NC
2. His son James Madison Skipper 1824-1849 died in Henry County Alabama married Anna Jane Craddock. Children: Mary Jane Skipper Jernigan (Stephen D) and William James Madison Skipper ( my great great grandfather ) 1849-1938
3. William J. M. Skipper married Martha Ann Lucas in 1871, Henry County Alabama
4. Children:
Lizzie Neal Skipper Phennel Franklin
Maggie Skipper Shepherd
James William Skipper G. Grand
Addie Skipper Nettles
Ada Skipper Morrow
Mollie Skipper Slack
Annie Skipper McCoy
Mattie Skipper Bates
5. James William Skipper m. Arrie Franklin . Their only child was Roy Everette Skipper, my grandfather
6. Roy Everette Skipper married Ada B. Waites and had these children:
William Everett “Bill” Skipper
George Washington Skipper (dad)
James Franklin Skipper
Dorothy Ann Skipper

connections are Skipper, Waites, Lucas,Kirkpatrick, Burkett, Jernigan, Craddock, Carter, Franklin, Morrow, Nettles, Slack, Bates, McCoy,Kemp, Marsh, Roe plus many more.

In every conceivable manner, the family is the link to our past, the bridge to our future.
- Laura Plummer Ranville


I am the listener…
As the Elders tell their stories
Of their memories of yesteryear
As if it all happened yesterday.

I am the questioner…
That sparks recollections
Of days gone by
Of lives once lived.

I am the viewer…
Of worn photographs
Of the people and places
Now gone from this world.

I am the writer…
That transcribes the frail voices
Piecing fragments together
As their life's stories unfold.

I am the keeper of the memories they've told

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