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Hi, my name is Ricca. I am a beginner at searching my family history, however I learned from the best (My Mother). I have spent almost all my life visiting libraries, cemeteries and other local historical sites with her to bring life back to our past ancestors.

My grandmother taught my mother, myself and my sisters the importance of caring and tending to our past loved ones graves and every year (since I was very young) we would all go out to the grave sites of our close relatives and plant flowers and remember them and the impact they made on our lives. There was a grave that we planted flowers at (and still do to this day) that were 6 little long distant cousins of ours that all passed away very young. I never knew any of these children as they all passed about 20 years before I was born, but it taught me nobody is forgotten and nobody unimportant...not even in death, even if we did not know them personally.

When I was younger, I often would get very irritated and hated going, but now that I am older, I have a whole new respect for it and have decided to continue the traditions of my family. I believe that just because someone has passed away does not mean that they are gone forever and need to be forgotten...even 200 years from now. It is through our ancestors that have allowed us the opportunities that we have today and have paved the way to our futures and that should never be forgotten.

I want to state that although some of the pictures on my page were taken personally by me, I give permission to anyone to print, copy or share my photos, as long as I am the one that owns the pictures and that it is not done in a demeaning, hurtful or slanderous manner. I believe that it is important to pass on the memories of my ancestors and to share the information with all. If someone sees a picture that they want to post on their ancestry page, please by all means do so...because that is just one more way that they will live on.

I also want to state that although I give permission to share my photos, I do not give permission to anyone to take credit for them, or to share pictures that do not directly indicate that I am the owner.

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