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Hello. Please use the Edit Tab and provide backup using the Other Suggestions Tab. Last Checked, 98% of my 3,138 suggestions were accepted, I have learned documentation helps.

This is a journey. Listen to the stories they have.

As Tribute for my Mom's, Patricia Helen Knapp Hetzler Memorial 148202565, genealogical work I am working on the family history of all interred there at Church of the Incarnation Memorial Garden. Thank you, Christina, for assistance. Update edits are always welcome.

"To Be The Bearer Of Good News"

There is a reason we like to feel that what we do is good. These comments are shared with all. I could not receive them without your help. Pass this along if desired.

• … an obituary was posted on a memorial and listed a same named cemetery, but for a different State. I searched the cemetery out, then searched the cemetery out the family. They replied, Yes, you have the right cemetery, your work does help others. Thanks. " …
 I felt great, my Mom is buried there also.

• A brand-new FindAGrave member signed up just to place a Flower on a memorial I photographed and added.
 I am glad I chose to photograph that whole cemetery.

• A member sent a thank you." … what a wonderful surprise to find your photo. I shared it, and it brought us some tears and smiles. Wonderful."
 That made me feel good, what can I say.

• A misplaced memorial was corrected by searching for the contact of a descendant. One was found, and the memorial could be transferred to the proper cemetery. They sent a note, "Thank you so much for reaching out! ... Yes, she was my grandmother … it is very much appreciated!! "
 I am glad I did this.

• A member has worked for ten years to see all the cemeteries in his county are being added. My research overflowed into his area. I forwarded all the research I accumulated for in his county area. The response I got back was "… JACKPOT! ".
 This was great to learn.

• I had the assistance of Members across four to six States. I could link just as many generations of descendants of my Town's settlers born in 1780 and 1805. Those who helped felt good to link the memorials, some which they had seen unconnected for a long time.
 I could make new friends, we all felt good.

• A member joined, they read the inscription the inscription of a memorial I could not. That memorial is now identified, WOW, having a name, and dates.
 This is a special member, proud of their assistance.
• A fellow contributor assisted to research a duplicate memorial and identify an unknown Cenotaph. A relation was proud enough to learn of this and rectify the memorials.
 All members met new friends and happy our work was appreciated,
 All members met new friends and happy our work was appreciated,
• In search of a soul's missing sister. I came across the widow's spouse's memorial, it was filled with emptiness of his existence, he had but one military mention. I left mention of this with the volunteer manager.
 Upon later return the volunteer had overflowed his memorial with public mention of the unselfish volunteer life he had. A great magnitude of published accolades had been found.
 We now humble our own kindness upon reading of his accomplishments, they set a goal for us to achieve. The manager who gathered his history is already leading us on our way.

Greg Hetzler
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PS: Personal Note: As tribute to my Mom I entered all the memorials at the Memorial Garden in Sarasota Florida. This was a Tribute to help others. I appreciate it greatly when even one link can be added to any of the parishioners.
I have prepared a public Ancestry Tree "Sleepy Hollow II Memorial Garden-Incarnation" to assist with the, creation of over 1,200 Parishioner internment Memorials.

The following address link access the tree :

FREEBEE --- Non-Ancestry members, I will issue to you free Tree access Invitations, just ask me.

Veterans, thank you for your service. Open my flag and you will see my ancestor's histories.

About my ancestors; They are immigrants, settlers, innovators, leaders, farmers, shoemakers, plumbers, cattle ranchers, horse brokers, locomotive engineers, planners, household mothers and fathers, stone masons, iron workers, foundry owners, grocers, merchants, infants, tailors, molders, ice merchants, engineers, builders, developers, realtors, Priests, ministers, deliverymen, cabinetmakers, Protestant settlers of 1630.

Unknowingly, I lived places ancestors had previously settled. A 3rd Great grandfather had emigrated from Bavaria, Germany to Rochester, N. Y., where I was born. Another 3rd Great grandfather emigrated from Saarland Germany to Steuben County, N.Y., near where I went to college. A 6th Great grandfather lived and died in Addison, Vermont, 35 miles line of sight from where our three children were born and raised in Brookfield, VT. My 10th Great grandfather settled Stamford prior to 1680.

Even now, where I live in the Carolinas, I learn of a Grand Aunt having lived in Hendersonville, nearer our present home in the Carolinas.

The education continues with military heroics. Learning a 7th Great grandfather was KIA on board on Lake Erie during the French and Indian War in 1756, seeing many ancestors with service in the Revolutionary War. A 5th Great grand uncle, Joseph Turner, a Revolutionary War Veteran is buried in Fort Ann, NY at the Blossom Farm Cemetery. More, reviewing ancestors pension papers for the War of 1812.

Reading service records of 2nd Great grandfather who served in the the Civil War. Hearing from a Great niece of his who has the sabre he used. The opportunity to hold a Great grandfather's military discharge orders from the Spanish American War. Opportunity to read commendations of a Father-In-Law's service in WW II during his 4 years and 4 months service from Northern Africa through Italy and finishes the campaign in Eastern Germany. Meeting a cousin whose Uncle served WW I and WWII as a Medical Doctor. Learning of the citations of ancestors received during the Korean War. Not to ignore recent military heroes.

When someone says they are a Tenth-generation descendant, you may ask them who their other 255 6th Great grandparents are.;). We have 64 4th Great grandparents, 256 6th Great grandparents and 4,096 10th Great grandparents.

Last report I have located memorials for 16 of my 10th Great grandparents.

I researched the builder of our 1820 home home in VT. The settler was a veteran of the War of 1812. The home was built with the timbers of first growth Spruce, Ash, and Maple. Beams over 40-FT, boards wider than 42-IN. The first owner had moved from Connecticut in 1820, leaving the County my maternal ancestors lived.

Pleasant Grove United Methodist Church Cemetery a cemetery I have taken to see that photos are completed for each memorial, and, that genealogy is done to link them to their ancestors and descendant memorial. Sleepy Hollow II Pleasant Grove Cem 1831I live in Weddington, NC (Union County).

Yes, this is a long review but, it was there to learn, not create.

Thank You.

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