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Continuously updated copies of my draft 4 volume set of books, family generation trees and group sheets, are available for review, printing and comment – to my email – on my free website at:

Since 1994, I have been honored to be the family historian, author and publisher of THE GOLLADAY FAMILY IN AMERICA (c). The 1,000 page, 2 volume, 4th edition, was originally published in 2002 and republished in 2008 and 2009. It is sold out.

Over the decades I have found the principal surnames of Golladay and Golliday are related. Most other spelling variations are likewise related, and all will be included in the upcoming 5th edition. The 5th edition, 2,000 plus page book will be titled GOLLADAY AND GOLLIDAY FAMILIES IN AMERICA (c). I plan to publish a completely revised 5th -- and final -- edition 4 volume set of books in late 2020 or 2021.

If you wish to see you and your family in the last edition of my book, send me an email and we will begin the process of adding your family . . .to our family.

Extensively revised and expanded Volume I will contain the Family Tree of descendants from German Ancestors, Bibliography and Index. The January 2020 draft edition encompasses 13 generations of family members, over 18,000 names, in over 1,600 pages.

In recent years, and with the support and participation of many African American Golladay and Golliday families, a new Volume I Bridge will include Black, Mulatto and African American family members sharing our family surnames dating back into the 19th century and coming forward. These family members do not appear to have any direct lineage with our German ancestors identified in Volume I, and will therefore have their own Family Generation reports and Family Group Sheets published in a new Volume I Bridge.

Both family trees are available for viewing in If you are a paid subscriber of, send me an email, and viewing access to either, or both, family trees will be granted. Approximately11,000 family members, 31,000 records and 1,400 media documents are contained in the GOLLADAY AND GOLLIDAY FAMILIES IN AMERICA family tree; approximately 1,100 family members, 2,000 records and 21 media documents are contained in the AFRICAN AMERICAN GOLLADAY AND GOLLIDAY FAMILES IN AMERICA family tree.

Extensively revised and expanded Volume II will contain family members in the Military; maps of key Golladay and Golliday locations in the United States; and individual Family Photograph Albums, where sufficient numbers of photographs have been provided. All known black and white family members will be included.

New Volume III will contain detailed reports for US Census years 1790 thru 1940. Presently, the 1790 through 1840 have been initially reviewed and published; all 1850 through 1930 US Censuses have been thoroughly reviewed and documented. In 2020, I will review and publish the 1940 US Census. All known black and white family members will be included.

For Volume III, US Census Data, if your family member(s) are not listed in a census decade, and you have the census information, please share your information with the author and it will be added to my research and the free website.

New Volume IV will identify all known family member Tombstone and Grave-site memorial numbers documented in the free website Individual reports will be grouped by state, then in alphabetical sequence by name. Large counties and even some large cemetery reports will also be produced. All known Memorial Numbers will be identified and provide links to our black and white family members. In the January 2020 draft edition, there are presently 8,036 deceased family members identified in over 200 pages.

In Volume IV, if a family member recorded in my book would like a detailed report of any County or Cemetery not listed on the free website, JUST email ASK. It will be created and stored on the free website.

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