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dob 1956, father USAF career but -family "broken". From Falmouth, Mass. originally. one younger brother; living in Connecticut most of life. Service veteran (Army Reg 4 years; state National Guard 2 1/2 years). College -three years- boxed as amateur for two years in service and from 1980-87. done some -coaching- ("strictly boxing" None other --sports--). Involved "politically" -or rather-- I -endeavor to be ("involved politically"). --'business person' -center on "strategy" and have a 'pet policy zone' I 'pick-up'. Very "straight" and --honest-- individual with a long record that wise and quite a few, "references". Very 'critical' individual of what I -see- "from" the sector of the govtmt./ though, "Will" give the praise where it is --worthy-- Anti 'Obama'. Christian to a 'refinement". VERY prejudice individual where "prejudice" --counts- and is "important". Normally I have always "Liked" --everyone-- doesn't matter if I had not 'met' previously; but, now I see society turning out 'bad'. I am a "believer" that -private business- CAN have a powerful effect on 'society' at large --if-- they 'generate' in that -way-. VERY Patriotic individual but am -nothing about- "flag worship". I feel that I have some of the --better ideas-- for the United States in the "modern hour". Single at 55 years old ("everyone tells me I look -younger- by --six" mo--). Nothing "good" to -say- about the "Hood" -OR- the "police" (municiple levels -police-) -though- I do take -everyone- for their "individual merrits". As a -boxer- fought bit shy of 55 registered competitions and, I "dished out" a LOT more -punishment- than 'came-at-me' ["Thank God"! ( :]. & I "lost some fights", but, I --DID NOT- get "stopped" but a few times, and --some of those-- were with -circumstances- -not so much a "fighter type" (Wilkinson's are --'cursed'-- at -Boxing- --as-it-is--)but, I felt I "needed to get involved" just to 'dare-the-devil'. I'm "glad-I-did (get involved)" but, beleive-me, boxing is a "very-hard-sport". Have -specifically identified- some of the "problems" in U.S.A. -presently-/// Have been IN PRISON for approx 5 1/2 mo. "politically" [& "ONLY from CT"]. -since I 'learned' their "Ropes", though, I have some matters "come" & it's been --twists-- and, I have been on the "attack" in the past 18 years. Have traveled the -world- -moderately- Have -met- a ---few dozen celebrities--- Marlon Starling the celebrity world boxing champion I am "close to", presently [was on the -tele- with him this morning; -actually- when we hung-up I looked at the -time record- and we have the 'line' open for 10;10 and the Call-Record was 1:56PM. He had just returned from Lowell, Ma.("New England championships", up there; Marlon an invited Guest!)]. The -boxing- participated in 16 amateur tournaments; 'most' I would of taken 1st place or 2nd place. New England -level- Army V Corp level. I am 'expert' in 2 1/2 fields aa) 'expert reader' the -BOXING- bb) (self-invented field):"inner-city maintenance 'theory'" -this such- includes a 'branch' of POLICE SCIENCE and -brings me- into MY POLITIC.[my "blackcombs" -email- is FOUNDED with this "maintenance concept" in-mind]. cc) the '1/2' field is the Restaurant industry. I am in that -field- 20 + years the -little- 'money' I have -made- & I am "retired" from that FIELD now, though, I will 'very-much' like to become reinvolved/[["STRICTLY -Pizza-"]] it's just, it is so "very difficult" to locate someone of 'substance' thru-out that 'industry'/ I "know-first-hand'". I am a "Hater" of -matters- that -aught- to be MET with -HATE- & the "new wave" "homosexuality movement" I have a most --difficult time "believeing" that the SUCH is able to make such a head-way in Our -society- "in the present hour" My '[email protected]' email -signal- leads to a Facebook to "battle" this onslaught. I -view- the such as a part of the Anarchy of this modern hour. Christ is my dearest - single- "love". And, I have -special- "Tiffany level" --friendships--. John Wilkinson [ps: and I "Hate" my town-where-I-live, it is a "stupid" houl-in-the-street; --I am "positive minded" BUT, "they" are "stupids-Only"]. AM BIG TIME "Open" to "Negotiate" a --Contract Out--/ -or- a "Contract/ In".

2:42AM 03-09-12 reference the CALL With/ Marlon "The Magic Man" Starling is for 8 March

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