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I am Native (*Latin for Born in a place) of British Columbia, Canada. The reason I bring this up is because this word used in the census by my Grandfather's side of the family has been used out of context in my lifetime. Understanding it's origin and finding the true meaning of the word has been a journey.

I began researching my Family Tree in 2001 which started out with wanting to find "the needle in a haystack" issues of "Stillborn Babies" due to Cord related Accidents. As my questions were answered over time I discovered that I had gathered knowledge of resources, the Rules of Genealogy and am sharing what I can with others.

Records are very important to examine. The Rule of Genealogy is Three records to Prove one truth. Examine the census, directories, Obituaries in Newspaper Archives.
Research each sibling within a family to see what their records state about themselves and also take note who filed the record.
Establish a time line of events using good trusted software, I am using Ancestry.
All these pieces will help you in your journey.
* Remember, you can't fit a square peg in a round hole. If you don't have all the answers right away...sit on it and wait for those answers so you do not wind up with the wrong information.
Above all have fun enjoying the experience even if you discover hidden secrets as these are all things that help shape us.

I have discovered that I am a descendant of women who were falsely accused of witchery in the 1600s. Mary (nee Towne) Estey hanged in 1692 in Salem, Massachusetts and Jane Walford who took her accusers to court and won her case. Despite the troubles women experienced in history they were strong in their stance and a good example for us all.
I am also the descendant of Major Richard Waldron who many historians have written false stories about which I began to unravel as I researched using the Rules of Genealogy. Be careful when following others as they may take you down the wrong road. Seek the answers yourself.
Genealogy is a wonderful way to understand ourselves. It also keeps our Country's Political Parties on their toes as many of them want to Lead however do not have this historical knowledge.
Cheers and many blessings to all my cousins!

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