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My grandma Nora and Fiancé Bobby have saved my life. I wouldn't be the person I am without them. My Grandma is My Guardian Angel On Earth, and without her I can't imagine where in the world I would be.. She has taught me SO Much, She is the reason I have turned to our God above. For her pure faith, honesty and nothing but unconditional love for me and for Our Lord Savior Jesus Christ, She is SO Very important to me. She is who I look up to, She is the only person in the entire universe who I can trust 100%. She means SO Much to me and I Love her very much. I have come from such a hard walk in my past and without Bobby my grandma and our lord, I wouldn't be here. My main passion is FAMILY HISTORY! Geaneology, Family Tree's, Writing about family and where we all came from. I have been researching the for quite sometime now and I adore looking through our old family photographs for hours. Writing all that I can about our large family tree and spending countless hours talking about everyone in each photo precisely and noting who was married when/where to whom, and all of each family members burial resting places are located and walking those cemetaries that are close enough to me to make visiting and photographing physically possible, etc.... :-)My secondary Passion for collecting Dolls is strong. I have over 90 different artist collector baby dolls and porcelain toddlers, I have also almost 130 PEGGY NISBET DOLLS in my personal doll collections. I absolutely love and adore collecting these Nisbet Dolls, kings and QUEENS of England, presidents and famous 1930's movie stars from the United States all made in England. They are beautiful and only 8"inches tall each. I have a Facebook page dedicated to my personal doll collections, if you want to check them out!WWW.Facebook.com/4theloveofpeggynisbetdollsOr search for "I Love Peggy Nisbet Dolls" on Facebook's friend-search box. :-)I like going online, exploring the internet's World.Wide.Web! Particularly searching, reading and watching many of all different things, I LOVE Watching Shirley Temple Movies,Being Happy, Having Fun, searching for things, looking things up online, asking questions, reading, in general, but I really enjoy reading The Bible, about god, national geographic's, many different magazines, the NEWS, Current Events, sometimes the newspaper, ,I absolutely LOVE Children's books! It takes true artists to do the illustrations, I collect dolls!, rearranging my dolls in my display cabinet case, Spending my days with my fiancée Bobby and our tuxedo (cat) FURR-BABY named Thomas, Loving the world, spending time with my grandma Nora, thanking god above for my life, my second chances, hope, and for my grandmother.

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