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Genealogy and family history are my life source, coming in second only to my living family.

I enjoy road trips in search of the footprints of my ancestors, walking where they walked, looking out the windows on a time long past and finding where they finally found their rest.

Unlike some, I'm not looking to make a name for myself in the numbers competition. These people we are memorializing deserve just as much respect and reverence today as they did when they were alive. Without them, there wouldn't be us.

I do what I can to expand the memorials in my care and try to be accurate, but I will still make mistakes. I will not make changes if I feel they are not necessary.

Feel free to save a copy and use my grave photos on your Ancestry tree, Family Search or any other genealogical site. I don't need to be credited. Please do not use them on other cemetery sites such Billion Graves, etc.

I've been given the care of several memorials created by fallen contributor "DALE CAPLIN", and have created memorials that are no relation to me. These are in my virtual cemeteries. I am happy to make transfers outside of the guidelines. They all need to be cared for.

I WILL continue to create memorials for family and friends BEFORE I know how they're being disposed of (gee...I was included in their private circle and you weren't (stop lying to everyone!). I only need to add the BASIC information to start. I will continue to wait patiently to be informed through our PRIVATE channels instead of bombarding them while they are still in shock. I am NOT to blame if you create a duplicate so stop with the blame game. You can do the same thing I do... check the OBVOUS) hoarders (ooops...that might be you) lists first to make sure one hasn't been created (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!). (YES...they can see all the edits you've made).

I refuse to kowtow to bullies AND their cronies who throw themselves a pity party then use it as an excuse and a weapon to threaten other volunteers into submission. We all have our good or horrible childhood experiences... you aren't unique... get over yourself and stop using Fine A Grave as a way to throw tantrums. Find A Grave is NOT the place to air your family's dirty laundry nor your psychiatrists couch. I will not tolerate bully tactics nor threats. This includes using your little minions to do your dirty work (I have a long memory of who they are and they will be reported as well).

Bios are NOT a requirement. DO NOT ask me to add the obituary of the deceased to their memorial. Adding the obituary goes against Find A Grave rules and is in violation of right to privacy of the living family members. Google it if you want to read it.

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