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i am a retired investigator. i have always had a curious nature for facts, truth, and discovery. i am a beekeeper now, and my 'best half' (!),is a managing partner in a law firm.

although i have only been a registered member of findagrave for a short period of time, i have taken hundreds, if not thousands of photos and freely given them to other members of findagrave who have the time that i do not to crop them, upload them, add the info and manage them; without any credit to me for the photo or memorial. this does not matter to me, and i will continue to give those away.

this is and has been my contribution to this website in exchange for free web space to enjoy the few memorials of my own ancestors, the upload of others, and the research tool it provides.

about the guidelines. i live by a moral and ethical compass. i am not into numbers or using the guidelines as an excuse not to transfer your gg grandmother; will not quote them to you, or take info from you to add to a memorial so it looks like a ‘booking sheet' and then call it ‘research'. you can care for and manage your ancestors memorial better than i can, and that is why my memorials consist primarily of family and extended family members.

NOW REALLY ABOUT ME (:>)when i was a kid growing up in montana, my father was the caretaker of the Rod and Gun Club in Billings. not far from our house, was Boothill cemetery, now on the National Historical Register. my brothers and i would run barefoot and play through that cemetery full of sage brush and weeds that choked the wooden crosses or wooden headstones that were standing at the time, and many deteriorating. many graves were unmarked, or the wooden markers had fallen over, and stones piled to mark a grave were being buried by nature, and neglect. there were all sorts of folks buried here in this silent peaceful place beneath the rim rocks; infants, cowboys, soldiers, native americans and many more, and of all manners of death. some of the markers were quite colorful in the nature as to the description of their death, or nicknames. one I remember "died and buried with his boots on."

no one came to visit that old cemetery, or take care of it. there was no fence and no gate. the markers i saw, and read with my hands over and over have been replaced with best efforts to restore, care for, and identify those who lie in rest here, and many will never be identified or known. someone's ancestors.

somewhere near baggs, wyoming, my gg grandmother is buried in a sleigh, on a hill top. i hope someday i find her.

So, in my travels i seek out the silent, forgotten places on the back roads in rural areas like boothill or baggs, wyoming, where no graver has walked. these are the places and markers descendents are looking to find.

i also look for our veterans, and in particular of interest to me, veterans of the civil war. sometimes there are markers for our veterans and their wives, and sometimes not. many descendants do not know the U.S. will provide a military marker for your veteran, and spouse, at no charge to you.

if you would like to contact me just go through any of my memorials and click on the 'edit' tab and select 'suggest a correction', and i will be most happy to respond to you.

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