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RECENT FAG ACTIVITY (Updated 13 June 2017):

My focus since the end of 2016 has been on my Edwards ancestry, by far my most difficult line to untangle.

My efforts have been greatly helped by 2 newly-found distant cousins who compiled their branch of the Sprague-Clement family that included key information on my branch. (I descended from a Clement daughter while they descended from a Clement son.)

This book, in tandem with my April visit to Hiawatha, Kansas where our Clement 3X Great Grandparents lived the latter part of their lives, provided background I'd otherwise not have. While I still seek to confirm my 2X Great Grandmother between 2 sisters, it appears the given name on my Great Grandfather's Death Certificate is NOT his mother but his Aunt!

I will be visiting Wisconsin in the Fall as this is where the Clement family migrated from to Kansas in 1870. Grant County, WI is the likely birthplace of my Great Grandfather and I hope with the help of the Grant County Genealogy Society to confirm which Clement sister is my 2X Great Grandmother. Hopefully, this will then lead me to my 2X Great Grandfather.

Still regarding my Edwards line, I leave shortly for Colma, California where my Edwards Grandfather and Great Grandfather are buried, information I obtained only last Fall. My sister, one cousin, and I will hold an informal memorial service for my Grandfather who had no funeral when he died in 1975. He left the family in 1932 and apparently formed no close relationships after that time.


My focus in 2016 was restoring a small family cemetery in Caldwell County, Missouri that had suffered from neglect for a very long time (last burial 1935).

I made 4 visits in 2016 after Hamilton (MO) Boy Scout Troop 1836 did a major clearing in April. In May I traveled there and with the assistance of one of the Scouts (and his family it turned out!), we found 90%+ of the graves anticipated. The Scout also made a plot may which allowed me to indicate the Plot area on each FAG memorial I manage for the Sloan Cemetery.

Finding a local monument company, I ordered and had installed last October (2016) a sign for the cemetery and a new marker for my 3X Sloan Great Grandparents.

This year (2017), I traveled again to the area for a Blessing Service I had arranged. I felt it highly likely some of those buried there (especially lone infants whose families were likely traveling thru the area because I found no trace of the families) did not have a funeral service that included a member of clergy. About 10 people attended the Blessing Service along with the pastor of the Polo Christian Church who did the Blessing.

I found and hired a local tree service company who did some work in the cemetery just prior to the Blessing Service. I requested additional work over this summer to thin out the heavily forested 1+ acre property the cemetery is in. I have no date for a return visit, but have connected with a distant cousin who lives in the area and has offered assistance with the cemetery.

Following is the link to the Sloan Cemetery and a note regarding errors on the USGENWEB of burials from 1986. I welcome any questions, suggestions, or assistance with this cemetery.


USGENWEB ERRORS: Over the course of 2016 I researched all burials. One important outcome was determining 4 errors were made in the 1986 "reading" of the cemetery which is posted to USGenWeb. Unfortunately, the USGenWeb webmaster has never responded to my request for corrections. These errors are:

1. Hiram Sloan: Wrong age in 1986 USGenWeb list (incorrectly stated as 10 instead of 40)

2. Minerva Swigart: Wrong age in 1986 US GenWeb list (incorrectly stated as 34 instead of 56)

3. Frank Stanley Slocum: Wrong surname in 1986 USGenWeb list (used middle name as surname)

4. William Higman: Wrong surname in 1986 USGenWeb list (transcribed incorrectly as Holman)

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TRANSFERS: If you've found a memorial I've created for a person in your family (and not mine), I want to transfer it to you! Please open my Virtual Cemetery called "Unrelated Persons - Ready for Transfer"; if the memorial is listed there, contact me with your FAG # and I will transfer it to you.

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MY RESEARCH: I started researching my ancestry in October 2010.

My ancestral lines (to date) are:

--Douglass: (2X GGrandmother's line) Scotland to Ireland to PA to Ohio to Missouri to SW Montana
--Edwards: (2X GGrandmother's line) Scotland to Pennsylvania to Wisconsin to Kansas to Los Angeles
--Ent: (3X GGrandmother's line) Difficult. Virginia to Ohio
--Gannon: (Both 2X GGrandparents' lines) County Galway, Ireland to NE England to Pennsylvania to Missouri to Kansas City, Kansas (coal miners)
--Jehle: (Both 3X GGrandparents' lines) Baden, Germany to Pana, Illinois (Central IL) to Kansas to California
--Marsh: (Back at least to 5X Great Grandfather): England to Massachusetts to Vermont to NE Ohio to SW Montana
--McIntyre: (2X GGrandfather's line): County Longford, Ireland to Lexington, Lafayette Co., Missouri (coal miner)
--Persinger: (3X Great Grandfather's line) Switzerland (?) to Indiana to Christian County, IL to Los Angeles
--Rickard: (2X GGrandmother's line) Difficult: New York to Ohio
--Schmitt: (Maternal Grandfather's line) Bavaria, Germany to Allentown, Lehigh County, PA, to SW Montana to Los Angeles
--Sippel: (Maternal GGrandmother's line) Bavaria, Germany to Allentown, Lehigh County, PA
--Sloan: (Maternal Grandmother's line) Scotland to Ireland to SW Pennsylvania to SE Ohio to NW Missouri to SW Montana (farmers/ranchers)

I've also researched at least somewhat these families as a result of marriages into my "blood lines": Burns, Butler, Coughlin, Ebert, Felder, Gangewere, Griffiths, Holzemer, Neil, Schmidt, Spath.

I am happy to share my findings with others. Please contact me at my gmail address.

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