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Update: Now off of volunteering for awhile due to vehicle problems,home repairs, and unwanted legal family matters. In past, have been receiving in excess of e-mails every day that keeps me from getting photos out, so if I do not get back or photos out to you in a timely manner, please have a little patience. Also, please try to resolve your own questions "problems" and understand that there are not enough field volunteers in the Detroit area where a lot of requester folks have moved out of state, there are so many hundreds of requests over 3 years plus in waiting, you will need to help contact the cemetery to get all burial locations first and fill out your photo requests as much as possible. This cemetery is old and headstone may need to be made visible "raised". Thank you!
Please call Mt Olivet office to verify all burial locations and add it to the request, at (313) 365-3207 or email [email protected]
Hello, private data and what we do for ourselves dies with ourselves; more on line today, what we do or share for others remain immortal.

For photo reward, don't pat me on a sore back, appreciation is a wonderful thing: it makes others excellent by the work of others and does not keep a secret for what is due in true reward for the hidden losses, aches, and pains...mileage chart round trip: Mt Olivet(30),Armada(40).

There are a lot of acting genealogist who run this advantage "me" to the limits to find data, there are those who really seek there departed love ones for rest in love, and there are those who just want somebody to seek out and clean up their family line memorials for their own advantage. I just wish Findagrave would add an identifier, so more time is used for quality photos of loved ones and not so much as quantity for researchers even though I do enjoy when I pass the next photo count marker.

We are often caught up calling destination what we limit to appreciate for the journey, especially by using or abusing the goodness of the help we get on the way.

People forget what you said or what we do, but how do people who say appreciation is real are really making one feel rewarded for losses?

It is the fruit of wonder to think who planted it's tree before the fruit and have not given for the gift of extra efforts with a gift of return.

About myself and my job as a volunteer in the area:
I'm living north of Detroit and laid off for over five years from a trickle down economy as small suppliers loose another auto worker who suffers events of their systems many problems.. ¸.•*ƸӜƷ•*¨*•.¸¸❤¸.•* ¯¯¨‹(•¿•)›
... As result, lots of people left Michigan and now I'm doing what only feels like god's work "out of love" in a special time of need. It does not pay the bills, but if I can help make things right everything feels all right and maybe I could find some luck out of finding graves from your researched efforts and leading instructions. Maybe it will be just taking the a photo, but in most cases I end up digging around the marker more than a photo shot...

There are a lot of sunken markers that are buried or covered with grass, but the worst is when I get requests with wrong locations that were questionable with out fair warning to me up front resulting in losses, waist of time,and the suffering effort of digging up or dragging tools around losing the good faith of your search.

It is only a photographer's "grave digger" job to be prepared for fulfilling photo requests only, but If photo requests are for a quick look for a "questionable burial", please state that using the comment command with the photo request.

Sorry, I no longer do data research work because there is to much to do, there are to many who do not do their own data work, I have a lot of extra photos to get/fix/sort/upload , and I am a photo guy not a paid data worker who looks up burial locations.

After my on going loses(cameras, glasses, fuel, ware-tear, time, and money... the free information I already have given are in the stone photos, found plot burial area photos, some unmarked grave photos, and "bird's eye" view photos close up for finding next of kin near by the relative burial grounds as I do find many extra marriage names inter-burial located.

More about my limited gifts, my mom's care of age 86 is my priority, but I do get out fulfilling many quick "photo only requests" that should already have been researched by the requester and if not, it is an abuse to myself when claiming photo request that turns out false.

Please double check your burial locations. There are too many false requests without a fair questionable notice, I just do not have time to be dragging or digging at wrong locations that are not correct. I do grave & plot-marker photos only on request. I do not do archaeological digs without fair or legal notice; therefor, contact the office and get your sites correct.

Your photo request as others are the ones who are managing these memorials to set at rest or find the truths; based on information given, please do not abuse volunteers as your answers are coming.

More about my life line, mom does not write and dad a military man did not have much time during the post-World War 2 ... or after wars to document any of our personal family.

I am helping our family, friends of Find a Grave, asking for those who know or who can seek, to log these memorials before they fall apart. Yes, it is important that we teach our children where our families are buried so that they in return can teach their children to oversee and help preserve the traditions. This information gets lost, covered up by nature or destroyed very quickly, and is difficult to recover without a backup like Find-A-Grave.

We can make life easier with digital access before we lose anymore survivors who only take missing information to the grave.

If you should find errors in anything I have submitted, please contact me for updates and corrections. If you wish to add anything to the bio for anyone please let me know as well; I will be glad to add to the submissions and give you credit for the information.

To request a memorial transfer, please click on the edit tab for that memorial and include your FAG#. I do not transfer ALL requests because many of my entries are connected to my family. You may leave info on any memorial by leaving flowers, flags, etc. and comments, also photographs may be added.

My 4 main family lines(Mi principal línea familiar)Smith/Hadden & Delgadillo/Guerra:
Paternal(Paterna)Dad="Austin Smith":
His dad Smith/Hadden= Cullen Blackman & Grpa's: Thomas Bass Smith & Lena Hadden.
His mom Rochester/Atkinson=Hattie &Grma's: Sarah Atkinson & William Rochester.

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