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"One person can make a difference, and everyone should try." John Fitzgerald Kennedy

I work with Find A Grave volunteers and on my own to photograph entire cemeteries or entire cemetery sections (depending on how big the cemetery is), locate missing cemetery records, update burial information, research burial details, add obituaries and/or personal history to memorials, etc. I enjoy the challenge of locating missing information and helping others track down burial details.

Sometimes you are pleasantly surprised by researching someone and finding out that they did something that no one remembers (like randomly finding someone who set a high-altitude flight record or an author). Likewise you may find someone who came to an untimely end or an amusing burial detail (the father listed as their husband written on the grave marker). You may never know where the next memorial you post will lead you or how your creating a memorial for someone you don't know might help someone else.

The best way to give back on this site is to go out to a local cemetery and fulfill some photo requests. If someone has fulfilled photo requests for you, maybe it's time to go do the same for someone else? It really is very rewarding for both you and the person for whom you take the photo.

The best way you can help the volunteer photographers is to post the burial plot of the grave markers you want photographed. Posting photo requests without a burial plot is like trying to get somewhere without directions. You might get there eventually, but it could have been a whole lot easier and taken much less time. The "Help with Find A Grave" file clearly states that the person requesting a photo is to provide the burial plot for the photographers.

Almost all memorials I create are not family members, and I am willing to transfer them to other members.

Do not use the photos I take anywhere else, including within Find A Grave, without permission. I retain the copyright to all of my photos, but I also generally allow reuse when permission is asked for non-commercial purposes.

"We must find time to stop and thank the people who make a difference in our lives." JFK

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