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Sue -
Father: Gerald Patrick Sullivan
Mother: Mary Jean Slack Sullivan

John -
Father: William Lafayette Andrews, Jr
Mother: Elizabeth Jane Early Andrews
Brother: Bill

By Bill, December 1963, Father Ryan High School newspaper, The Moina, Nashville:

"In Memoriam
Our President is dead, lying in state;
Slain by someone's fanatic hate.
The killer has paid for this heinous crime
Which shall live in infamy for all time.

Three years ago President Kennedy said to the people of the United States in his acceptance speech: "I am here not to curse the darkness, only to light a candle." He lit his candle and although it was put out on November 22, it will always be remembered for illuminating those ideals upon which our nation exists. His was a short life, a short lived administration, and a briefly explored frontier. His dedication to his New Frontier will perpetually live in the hearts of men striving for peace, truth, world happiness, liberty, and the suppression of oppression. The reason is simply because his frontier, his mission, and his purpose constituted and was dedicated to this end. With him dies his frontier and many of its fulfillments incompleted by his murder. There will be other frontiers just as there will be other presidents and administrations, but never again will his youthful vitality, vigor, and efforts cry out. His unceasing frustrations, responsibilities, and obligations are now gone, but never the achievements and memory of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, 35th President of the United States. Now he can rest in peace."

(Poem Bill wrote in last year of high school or in college):


The Lord gave to Moses millennia past
A code which today seems outlandishly crass
Remember the day when consenting adults
Could not kill offspring with physical faults

Imagine the problems posed by the case
Of millions of aged refusing to face
Painless termination in the interest of space
So strong, healthy bodies could produce in their place.

Moribund, sanctimonious men of the past
Believed in innate value of life to the last
Observe the rewards of the bountiful life
A color TV, a car for the wife

If this you desire, you must realize
If failure with pills, you abort, sterilize
Sentimental moralists who sicken at this
Must remember that now there are new idealists

Hansel and Gretel, they're safe in their beds
The witch that deceived them is purportedly dead
But children be wary, take note of the times
The instinct parental is in its decline

Apologists for progress have come to deny
That life is worth living with no share of the pie
At lush cocktail parties our witch reappears
And walks off with children, boozed nobody fears

The people of Sparta, they've finally devised
A way to purge children unwanted alive
From rocky ravines in their sleep they were flung
And the Delphian Sybil an oracle sung:

"Blessed be children unable to take
The grand gift of life for population sake
Love is a gift, love is a life
Love can't be withheld using a knife."

Holden Caulfield, where have you gone?
The witch is out prowling, pursued by the dawn
Your sister, Phoebi, is frightened and cold
Your parents sold her to the witch for some gold

Now they'll be healthy, wealthy and wise
Now they'll have status, all money will buy
Aye, why, in the rye field she cries!
Catch her, hold her, sing lullabies

Suffer the children, Come unto Me
So spoke that fisher of men from the sea
Infants be kissed by the powers that be
But Jesus was strung up, nailed to a tree

Many's the time, many's the place
Wind rustled spirits come in all haste
Given His word, dead infants revere
Their Savior's will that they soon reappear


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