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My husband and I formerly lived in Pocahontas County, WV. We moved in 2013 to the Northwest to be closer to children and grandchildren. My parents were from Summers County, WV. Before that, they came from Virginia. His parents were from Monroe & Greenbrier Counties. Prior to that, his family line goes back to Virginia and before that to Pennsylvania. He is directly descended from Squire BOONE II, Daniel BOONE's brother. He also has Mingo and Cherokee Native Americans in his line. On my father's side, an ancestor, John WEBB, married one of Hubby's ancestors, Nancy MORGAN, in the late 1700s in a valley of what is now south-western Virginia.

We have two sons who are married w. young children. One lives in Wyoming and the other lives in Montana.

Two of my direct ancestors (who died in the North's Elmira, NY prison) and one of my husband's direct ancestors joined & fought in the 26 Regt VA Inf Confederate States Army. I know that they all fought in the Cold Harbor, VA Battle. My ancestors were captured & sent north to the Elmira Prison in NY where they died. My husband's ancestor was shot in the neck, but recovered.

I know that I and my husband also had ancestors that fought for the North. In fact, two of my husband's ancestors were on opposite sides in the Battle of Droop Mountain, Pocahontas County, now West Virginia.

I don't think that any direct ancestors fought in WW I. In our fathers' generation, all the men fought in WW II (Army & Navy). My husband volunteered for and served in the US Marine Corps at the age of 18 during the Vietnam War.

NOTE: My profile pic was taken in 1985 by my husband as we hiked & viewed Mt. McKinley in Denali National Park, Alaska.


article from "The Pocahontas Times"

"Who's in that Cemetery?"

By Gail Hyer
May 30, 2011

"Genealogists and family researchers have a good friend in Pocahontas County, West Virginia in the Genealogy Group. Founded more than 7 years ago, the small group continues to work away at the overwhelming job of performing a physical inventory of every cemetery in the county. At last count they had identified 330 cemeteries that they know of but are also quick to say that the public helps them new cemeteries regularly.

The newest book the group has published is the Little Levels area and the book is chocked with over 200 pages of information taken directly from head stones in the Little Levels area. Each book has a complete index at the back which lists last names of people plus their first names also, which makes it much easier to find kin that researchers are in search of. A sampling of family names in the books include: Gladwell, Dean, McNeel, Hill, Dilley, Cochran, Cutlip, Bruffey, Clark, Anderson, Kellison, Jackson, Morrison, Nottingham, Pritt, Ruckman and dozens more.

The book also includes a listing of what certain markers on cemetery stones reveal. For instance, did you know that on a cemetery stone the birds flying means the resurrection, oak leaves and acorns mean maturity and ripe old age, and shells stand for pilgrimage of life?

To order the Little Levels Cemetery Book, contact the Genealogy Group of Pocahontas County at 304.799.2228."

The Genealogy Group meets on the 4th Tuesday of each month at 6 PM at the McClintic Library in Marlinton, WV.

Six (6) "In Loving Memory" Pocahontas County, WV CEMETERY and GRAVESITE BOOKS have been printed and are for sale.

To order any of the books, contact the Genealogy Group of Pocahontas County at 304.799.2228 or gailhyer@yahoo.com


The Pocahontas Times
206 Eighth Street
Marlinton, WV 24954
Phone: 304-799-4973
Fax: 304-799-6466


Other cemeteries & volumes are still being researched. Those volumes will be available at a later date. (Prices inc. WV tax, but *not* shipping.)
The following are available now:

Volume I.....$12.72
Northern end of Pocahontas County

Volume II.....$12.72
Oak Grove Cemetery, Hillsboro

Volume III.....$26.50
Mountain View Cemetery, Marlinton

Volume IV.....$12.72
Back Mountain Road - Durbin to Cass

Volume V.....$12.72
Frost to Dunmore

Volume VI.....$21.20
Little Levels area

These are our Pocahontas County, WV genealogy sites which might be of help to you, if you need it:





Unfortunately, the VanReenan Funeral Home (304.799.4553) in Marlinton,WV lost all its records in the November 1985 flood. Therefore, for burials prior to that, they can't be of any help for individual gravesites.

However, for burials in the Mountain View Cemetery in Marlinton (almost 3,000 gravesites) besides looking up a grave location in one of the genealogy books at the library, you can call the Marlinton Town Office (since it is a town owned/operated cemetery) for assistance. That # is (304) 799-4553 Their address is: Town of Marlinton, 709 Second Avenue, Marlinton, WV 24954 Their records are listed by owner of the lot deeds, so having that info would expedite the search.

The Wallace & Wallace Funeral Homes (http://wallaceandwallacefh.com/main/index_c.php?fh=wwfh) in Arborvale 304.456.4737 and in Lewisburg 304.645.2060; the new (2011) Kimble Funeral Home on Rt 219-N in Marlinton, 304.799.2500; the new (2012) Lantz Funeral Home on Rt. 219-S in Buckeye,WV 304.799.4171; the McCraw Funeral Home in Frankford, WV 304.497.2996; and the Shanklin Funeral Home in White Sulphur Springs, WV (304.536.1313) are the other funeral homes that most often serve the Pocahontas County, WV area.

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