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Ancestry Interests: British Isles, Delaware Co, PA, & Lackawanna Co, PA
Shields (Shiels/Sheils) of County Donegal, Ireland. Jeremiah & Catherine married c1852.
McLoughlin, Kilgallon, Murtagh, Reilly of County Mayo, Ireland.
Carry of County Offaly(King's pre-1920), Ireland.
Walls, Graham of unknown county (possibly northern area) Ireland, children born in Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland.
Horne, Greenhalgh of Wheatley, Halifax, England.

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My view on claims of Copyright:
This site exists for relatives and friends to LEARN and REMEMBER people and to INFORM whether it be in type or image form. The purpose is clearly to SHARE facts as well as stories and images with others with limited access to such information.
There is no monetary or creative purpose to any of the postings on this site. An image of a headstone is informative to show the engraved data of those buried beneath.
If one feels so strongly about their images or informative paragraphs those works might be better served if printed, signed and framed for the foyer.

I reviewed a few websites to make sure I would not intentionally violate copyright laws. The citations are mentioned below:
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Copyright ownership and protection is available for an author/creator if three requirements are met:

1. Fixation—the work exists in a medium from which the author's expression can be read, seen, or heard, either directly or by the aid of a machine;
2. Originality—the work owes its origin and independent creation to an author;
3. Minimal Creativity—the work is the product of at least a minimal level of CREATIVITY.
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Module 1 Copyright Basics & Requesting Information


Copyright protection does NOT extend to the following categories of works; therefore permission is NOT required for you to use the following:

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7. Works consisting entirely of INFORMATION that is COMMON PROPERTY and CONTAINS NO ORIGINAL AUTHORSHIP(ie: standard calendars, height and weight charts, tape measures and rulers, and lists or tables taken from PUBLIC DOCUMENTS or other COMMON SOURCES).

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