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Please read this before you send edits and/or messages or add images:

The memorials we create are a 'work in progress' and as we research we will be adding more information. Do not be too quick to submit edits for newly created memorials...we are still working on them. Check the date that the memorial was created; please wait 30 days before offering information. Thank you.

Find A Grave has rules; please obey the rules when requesting a transfer. Please supply your relationship per Find A Grave rules (link below) to show your DIRECT line to the deceased; if you are a sibling, a parent, a grandparent, a great-grandparent, a child, a grandchild, or a great-grand then the transfer may be made at my discretion. If you are not directly related within four generations, then the transfer may be denied.
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Accuracy is important. Find A Grave is not a contest to see who can collect the most memorials. Do not guess/assume/invent information just to fill out your memorials. If you are only guessing, please keep the memorial in your private cemetery and don't mess with serious researchers!

Don't add anything to our memorials that you have stolen from another site; obey the FAG rules.
Please do not add images of obituaries in the photo section. The FAG rules read:
"No obituary photographs. No scans of obituaries or newspaper articles." Send us the obit info and we will edit for privacy and add to the bio section.

Check your 'Edits' tab often to keep up with edits/corrections sent to you by others. If you cannot keep up with your edits, please consider thinning your numbers; transferring to someone who will actively keep them up to date.

Please use the 'Edits' tab to submit corrections/additions - Find a Grave put it there to make life easier for everyone; we check our 'Edits' tab several times a week to do our part to improve the quality and integrity of Find A Grave.

If you decide to leave us a public message, everyone will see what you have written, so play nice or take your ball and go home. Some people are just plain nasty, so we have removed our email address. The 'Edits' tab works just fine to get messages to us. In future, if the nastiness continues, we may elect to not answer public messages.

If the photographs we have added to a memorial are not good enough, or you want to add a better one, just let us know. Not a problem. Please do not add duplicate photos unless yours are far superior to the existing photos - again, that is stated in the FAG rules.

One thing many of us fail to consider until it's too late is who will be entrusted with our work when we are gone. Please arrange for someone to take over your memorials when you are no longer able.

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