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I'm one of a collection of amateur and Professional family genealogists within my extended family. Some of them are on this site.

I grew up in Central NY, and live in Southern NH. Family roots run deep in Central NY and PA to early 1800's, extending back to MA, CT, RI, NJ, LI (Long Island), and NY to the 1600's, including New Netherlands. I'm descended from over ** 110 ** New England / NJ / NY families here before 1700. New England / NJ / LI (when part of CT Colony) / NY roots mainly go back to England, to the 1400's, and even much earlier, with a few coming direct from Scotland and Ireland. In some cases, the English roots go back to Scotland, Ireland, and Normandy, predating the Norman Invasion (1066).

Besides my ancestor William the Conqueror, some of my other ancestors arrived in England as a part of his Invasion Force in 1066.

*** I have found over 1015 Ancestors on FindAGrave! -- Check out my "My Ancestors" Virtual Cemetery. ***

Late arrivals to the US were WEYGANT from the Palatine to NY in the early 1700's, SULLIVAN from Ireland to PA in the 1830's, ANDREWS from England to PA around 1858, and STOUT from Scotland to PA around 1870.

Ancestors co-founded, or were early settlers of, Boston, Dorchester, Hingham, Medfield, Roxbury, Sherborn, MA, Portsmouth (1638) and Newport (1639), RI, Milford (1638-1640) & New Haven (New Haven Colony), Wethersfield (Connecticut Colony), Southold, Long Island (LI) (when it was part of CT), and Newark ("New Ark")(1666), NJ (when it was claimed to be part of the Connecticut Colony), and Nimmonsburg, NY (c. 1789). Cousins co-founded Dedham, MA and Plymouth Colony (1620), and were early settlers of Chelmsford, MA, and Greene (formerly Hornby), NY (1790's). Some ancestors and related family were in the Fort Orange area of New Netherlands, before it was renamed to "Albany, New York".

Ancestors include at least 3 US Colonial Governors: Benedict Arnold (I) of RI, Robert Treat and Thomas Welles of CT. 7th & 8th great-grandfather Benjamin Miller of CT, who was called "Governor" as a Nickname, was actually never a Governor of CT, but he was an ancestor of the American mother of Sir Winston Churchill.

I am descended from European Royalty and Peerage, and am a cousin to many Royals living today. The legendary "Anastasia" and her siblings, of the ill-fated Romanoff family, were my cousins.

I have many famous cousins, Living and Deceased (many in FindAGrave). I am a cousin to ALL the US Presidents, and also to half the First Ladies, and to a number of Vice-Presidents, and to a number of Past US Presidential Candidates, including 2012's Mitt Romney and Jon Huntsman. I am a cousin to many other past Heads of State, and Religious leaders, including a number of past Saints, and Roman Catholic Popes.

Although my ancestry is mostly English & Northwestern European (73%), Scotland & Ireland (19%), and Scandinavian (8%), my Living family is very diverse, representing almost every Race. Although most of my Living family is in the United States, I have located Living cousins in, and have family in, Australia, Canada, England, France, Bermuda, and New Zealand (3 generations Living, 1 generation Deceased).

I have traced parts of my ancestry to as far back as "The New Testament" of The Bible, to Acts 13:6-13 - Sergius Paullus (I), ProConsul of Cyprus, who later became the 1st of 6 generations of Roman Senators bearing the same name: Lucius Sergius Paullus (sometimes spelled "Paulus").

All this I have learned since Mar. 2010!

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