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My name is Basil E. Kuhn Jr. Everyone calls me (Base). I enjoy family history. My family is from Foxville, Garfield, and Wolfsville, Maryland. I also spent time growing up in Smithsburg, Maryland. My mother's side is Maugans, Studebaker, Murphy, Pryor, Manning, Snyder and Shank. My dad's side is Kuhn, Lewis , Brown, Draper, Wolf, Wolfe, Forrest, Weddle, and Toms.

I spend most of my time linking family members and other people from the Catoctin Mountains above Smithsburg, Md. Which are the same mountains that Camp David is in. When I do come across other peoples obituaries that are not family. I try to add them for future generations to help them out. My main focus is on my family names, that way I can keep it simple. Well some what simple. (lol)

Well take care my friends. If you have any ? drop me a line. (Base) I also would like to give alot of credit to F-A-G member Mike Hahn for his hard work and dedication. He is role model for what F-A-G members should be like. He is about helping other members with there family history and never complains about transfers and always answers his messages.

F-A-G is about linking family, not holding on to 10,000 to 200,000 memorials for ones self, because they are on a ego trip. Also would like to say something to other members that never put the whole obituary on the bio. If you cant do it right then don't do it. You are just messing information up for that persons memorial. Families looking for there love ones need every detail. So please put the whole obituary in there bio. The siblings that are in the obituaries help link the families together.

I would like to give credit to the following members for there hard work and dedication to F-A-G.
Eloop III,
Janet Brooks,
Liz Cain,Ricky,,
Martha Thompson,
Alissa Farrow,
Melvin Weis,
John King, Lesa Pfrommer,
B.J. Shields,
Kris Gilbert,
Becky Jacobs,
Gary Evans,
Robert "Rob" Weller,
Bonnie Bricker Smith

They are all role models for other F-A-G members. And also would like to say thanks to all the volunteers out there taking photos for all of us. I am very grateful for your service. Also do not ask me to transfer memorials to you, if you cannot show me the same courtesy. I have ask other members for transfers. And have got no response. And you know who you are. Evening after I have transfer my memorials to them. Its called respect for one another.

Note: I have purchased a tombstone for Marshall and Myrtle (Maugans) Lewis. They are my great-uncle and great-aunt who pass away in the 70's, they never had a tombstone. I will be buying more tombstones for my great-grandfather John Robert Maugans and my great-grandmother Christie E. (Murphy) Maugans.

And also one for the Maugans family buried in Salem Cemetery in Wolfsville, Md. Will also being buying one for Abraham Toms and his wife in Foxville, Md.

Note: My aunts and I have purchase a new tombstone for my great-grandparents John Robert and Christie Elizabeth Maugans. 3/18/2015

Note: My grandmother Lois A. (Brown) Kuhn has purchase a WWII memorial foot stone for her brother Donald (Hop) Wolfe at Mt. Bethel in Foxville, Maryland. He did have a regular tombstone, but both me and my grandmother wanted him to be honored for his service during WWII. I set stone on 7/30/2016.

Ps. Most obituaries are not copyrighted do to the fact they are written by the family and not the newspaper. Newspapers just print it. If the obituaries do not show a name under them with the person who wrote it. That means it was written by the family, so it is not copyrighted and it is public info. This Info that I am provided came from Legal Genealogist web site.

Ps. Please excuse my writing in my memorials. Writing is not my best subject.

Ps. To F.A.G. If I shall pass into the next life. Please transfer all my memorials to Alissa Lynette (Sypolt) Kuhn, Farrow (#47447058), she is the mother of my three children. If she is not able, please transfer to Mike Hahn (#46770538). I know he will take care of them also. If any of my three children; Basil E. Kuhn III, Daisy Elaine (Kuhn) Waugh or Hayley Lynette (Kuhn) Manuel would like my memorials, please transfer to them. Thank you. #######################

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