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Greetings! We are elated that you found us on Find A Grave. By way of introduction, we are the Jencks Family of South Jordan, Utah - (Find A Grave ID: 47413225).

UPDATE 2020: We are a genealogy seeking family with 130+ years collective experience. It's a passion and a hobby. Researching family history runs deep into our DNA. We reside near the world's largest genealogy repository. Years ago, we used microfiche/microfilm to seek information about our ancestors. On genealogy trips, we walked our ancestral lands, visited new cousins, spent time at libraries, courthouses, cemeteries and much more. Now with the click of a button, we travel the internet highway and use technology to help us piece together our family puzzle. Thank you Find A Grave for providing this valuable resource!

Some of our family names include: Harryman, Copenhaver, Smith, Harris, Artrip, Breeding, Counts, Mercer, Kiser, Sutherland, LaForce, Gilson, Doctor, Windle, Tyner, Peak, Noon, Kimball, Young, McKay, Nelson, Peet, Roberts, Biesinger, Shill, Wheeler, Sampson, Kropf, Free, Titcomb, Indermuhle, Jencks, Morris, Sweet, Wilbur, Fisk, Parsons, Nettleton, Meyers, Coleman, Jones, Fuller, Mygatt, Hine, Sackett, Rogers, Wood, Taylor, Thornton, Coleman, Pierce, Bowman, Whitehead, Bassett, Nason, Rogers and more.

While researching our ancestors, we discovered a local ghost town cemetery once owned by a school district. We "adopted the cemetery" and reconstructed the once lost records from 30 nations. What started as an Eagle Scout service project is now a lifelong volunteer family project.

If you are related to us, or if you are seeking information about a potential ancestor from Bingham City Cemetery, please contact Jencks family. We look forward to hearing from you!


We express sincere appreciation for the dedication of more than 2000 volunteers that helped us honor the deceased at Bingham City Cemetery. Thank you, our friends in service. We will not forget the people, the places, the stories and the faces of those we have interacted with. We are indebted at your kindness and generosity. Thanks from the Jencks x5!

We maintain management of the majority of the Bingham City Cemetery Find A Grave Memorials (Cemetery ID: 77153).

We uphold a long standing goal to provide the public the most accurate, up to date, sourced genealogy available. We appreciate patience in regards to this ongoing work in progress.

Some background: In 2004, 2014, and 2017, we received permission from the cemetery owners to photograph and transcribe ALL headstones at Bingham City Cemetery.

This service began with our son Brad Jencks, and his Eagle Scout project. Efforts continued with our daughters, Tiffany and Stephanie, (Girl Scouts).

Paul and Brad (Father and son computer professionals), custom built databases with name of deceased, birth/death/burial dates, parent's names, land emigrated from, cause of death, military service, occupation and more. Each member of our family participated in various capacities.

Books were authored, and information was donated to free genealogy websites, libraries, historical societies, repositories etc. We preserved history that will not be destroyed or lost with time and deterioration.

For 17+ years, our entire family has donated thousands of hours extensively researching the known and unknown burials. Every Memorial Day weekend, we interviewed living relatives of the deceased at the cemetery. (Even slept in an RV on 2 Memorial Day weekends hoping not to miss a cemetery visitor). This helped us discover more information and verify the accuracy of our research. We scrolled through 53,000 names on microfilm, plus obtained public death certificates.

Our family recruited teams of volunteers to help us. And finally, we inherited cemetery records and more information. We thank people who have allowed us to be the keeper of the records of many precious souls. We are reconciling all the information.

In this process, we discovered nearly 1900 burials from 30 nations and 38 states in the USA, including heroic military veterans of 7 wars. More than 1100 people in unmarked graves were not documented in cemetery records and had literally been forgotten about. We were not able to find some of our ancestors buried in this ghost town cemetery owned by a local school district. We figured the same issue would result for people across the world. That is what kept us going on a project that some deemed impossible.

We correspond with people in many countries. We are thrilled to report that we have been successful in helping people find their common ancestry and living family members that they have never met. Our end goal is to help people find their genealogy, ancestry and to connect cousins/relatives across the globe. It is a labor of love for the offspring of those buried at Bingham City Cemetery.

This cemetery is close to our hearts. As stated, we have ancestors and family members buried there. Like so many others, our forefathers moved to Utah seeking employment at Utah Copper/Kennecott Copper Mines. Sad to report that many people died young and were not sent to their native land for proper burial. It is heartbreaking to see that their family/friends tried to remember the deceased with a mound of dirt, rocks or other decorative items.

A point of interest: The Dry Fork Cemetery, owned by George Chandler was relocated to Bingham City Cemetery. Kennecott Copper Company expanded mining operations and hired professionals to move the 14 burials. We maintain those memorials as part of Bingham City Cemetery.

We are so dedicated to Bingham City Cemetery that we purchased burial plots sufficient for 5+ future generations of Jencks family. ALL our children and their spouses plan to continue to give service for the cemetery until the last of us are buried there.

In addition to identifying and researching burials, we directly improved physical conditions at Bingham City Cemetery through several exclusive service and fundraising efforts. As a result, the cemetery now has granite military and international monuments, replacement headstones, handmade - "Unknown But Loved" headstones, and a cemetery pavilion that is under construction. Estimated completion date is May 2021. The pavilion will include all our research including a new map with updated GPS coordinates. For details, contact Jencks Family, Find A Grave ID 47413225.

VOLUNTEER SERVICE: We are willing to provide free genealogy research and headstone photo look ups for anyone in this world seeking to find information about their loved one that is laid to rest in this historic and diverse cemetery. We have the most extensive collection of records available.

REQUESTS: Please do not hesitate to contact us. Be clear and concise about the reason for the edit request. We do make edits to the memorials that we manage. Please use the EDIT tab on each memorial to send requests for updates, corrections or edits. We require a credible source with your request and will respectfully add appropriate information. Please be patient and recognize that Find A Grave allows us up to 21 days to respond. We typically respond within a few days. Thank you in advance for your patience.

TRANSFERS: We adhere to Find A Grave transfer rules. We reserve the right to make rare exceptions. A transfer will not happen if you: 1- Fail to state relationship- Spouse, parent, sibling, grandparent, great-grandparent, child, grandchild or great-grandchild. 2-Create duplicate claiming. 3-Are dishonest about your relationship to the deceased. 4-Have been abusive. Abuses will be reported with screenshot as proof. We are working with several families and their common ancestry. Having someone in your family genealogy is not grounds for a memorial transfer. With thousands of contributors, there are many overlapping family trees and it would be impossible for all contributors to manage their entire tree. This is a collaborative effort. Our goal is to keep the information available for all potential relatives in the world.

TO FURTHER CLARIFY: We are happy to add your sourced information to the memorial that we manage. We will make every reasonable effort to ensure that your loved one is honored. If you are disappointed that you do not manage a memorial, please consider setting up a Find A Grave virtual cemetery for you and your family members. Any memorial can be entered into a virtual cemetery on your profile. This provides a way for you to have all your family together. It's an awesome feature, please consider it.

LIMITATIONS: In limited situations, we cannot control some content that people have submitted to the memorials we maintain. If something is a concern, please email us and we will work to resolve the situation. If needed, we will report to admin at Find A Grave to eliminate issues. Any negativity will be deleted or blocked.

SOURCING- We grant permission for people to use our research and headstone photos for their personal family genealogy. This is not for profit, or personal gain. We ask that you do not repost and use the information as your own. Please be considerate and source your records with a notation that information was obtained from Jencks Family Bingham City Cemetery Research Project. This will help people understand where the information came from and why we concluded such.

DISAGREEMENT REGARDING INFORMATION- If errors are found, please forgive us. We continue to do our best to learn many languages, interpret records, and to correct memorials that we inherited etc. Many names were spelled phonetically and some were Americanized. Our information is as accurate as the source. This is where we rely on family members and others to contact and help us.

We look forward to hearing from you and hope our efforts will help build your family tree.

We express gratitude to Find A Grave for this valuable genealogical resource. We are proud to partner with them in common efforts.

Enjoy the journey in discovering your genealogy and heritage!


Paul, Lori, Brad, Tiffany and Stephanie Jencks - May 2020
Connecting Families Across the Globe Volunteer Team
Bingham City Cemetery


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