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I have always loved cemeteries -their quiet and peaceful tranquility provides you with the opportunity to reflect on the souls that once walked among us and are now commemorated in a small plot of land. Knowledge of their existence will last thru out time based on the memories they have left to friends and loved ones and because of that small plot of land which is completely dedicated to their name. That is why I love Find A Grave -even if someone's final resting place is not immediately known, we can honor them by providing an online memorial.

I always welcome any additional information on the memorials that I have added -no matter if it is corrective or you just happen to have known the person and wish to add fond memories to their memorial.

Please let me know if I have added one of your loved ones and I will gladly transfer them into your care.
And now I would like to say a word or two (possibly more) about this wonderful place known as Find A Grave:
It is a wonderful hobby that brings much joy to its members & the loved ones of those who have departed. However, I would ask those of you who take this so seriously -as if collecting valuable trading cards -to reconsider our responsibility as members. We utilize the site as a way to document and pay homage to those who once walked among us...to celebrate and leave a lasting memory for many years to come. I ask that you not get a chip on your shoulder about duplicates -as in, "I don't care if the memorial I created is a duplicate...I'm not removing it" type of attitude. It's not about YOU....and it's not about ME....it's about creating a lasting legacy of honor to those who are no longer here. It's not about "collecting" as many memorials as possible.

One other thing....quality instead of quantity. Please do your homework when creating a memorial. So many times you see memorials that are devoid of any biography or additional information. A great many times additional info can be found by doing an online search of the person's name. Come on, we all know how easy it is....

OK, that's my rant -my first and only.


Thanks for stopping by and please consider visiting the following folks:

Pamela Jean Brinkley, her little sister, Angela and their lovely parents, Chuck & Virginia Brinkley (family links can be found on Pam's memorial page). The Brinkley's were family friends who perished in an airplane accident in 1977. So heartbreaking that something so tragic should happen to such nice people.

My mom's cousin, Dale Wayne Hemman who perished along with two others during a light craft airplane trip to Alaska.

My dear childhood neighbor, Phillip Forbes

Miss Chantel Hager who was the victim of an eating disorder.

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