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I enjoy taking pictures of graves and posting them on this site. So, that when people start searching for their relatives, they can see where they are buried. It took many years for me to find my relatives, and with the help of volunteer photographers, I have been able to see their graves and where their final resting place is. I appreciate the "gravers" that have added my family through documents that have been provided because no "grave" actually exists. I wouldn't have the info I have if this site didn't exist! I am elated that this site keeps the memories of the dead alive.
If I happen to have a memorial of a family member or friend, I will be happy to transfer the memorial.
I enter people to honor them, so that they are noted and remembered beyond their family and friends. I always leave a virtual flower, especially when there isn't one.
I am not someone who needs credit for the pictures I take or any other information. Please, don't take the picture and make a duplicate, I will be happy to transfer.
I think this site is great for helping others in their research. Too many people on here have huge egos and that is a shame. They're here to have the greatest amount of memorials. They don't actually care about the people they add. I actually research every person I do a memorial for and add it to their bio. If I can't find anything, that is the only time the bio is blank. I wish people actually took pride to make these memorials more personal.
If you message me and do not get a reply, I am not ignoring you, I just didn't see it. Please, message me again. Thanks.

"If only just one person remembers you, you never really die". ~Unknown ~

I am very busy with my little ones. Please be patient and I will respond to your emails when I have the time. Thank you for your understanding.

God Bless, PEACE! ����
Updated: February 2022

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