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Peaceful be thy silent slumber,
Peaceful be thy grave so low;
Thou no more will join our number,
Thou no more our sorrows know.

Please !!!
Do not add images of death certificates.
Do not add shots of pages from books or periodicals, as they will not expand to be readable.
Do not add images from webpages, or websites.
Do not add the images of obituaries or photographs taken from those.
Please check that any grave marker photos you may wish to add are 1. Able to be read on the memorial/ 2. Are free of trash /3. Are free of partial shots of persons, their shoes, pets, children, etc. /
Grave photographs should be tasteful and of the marker, and NOT CONTAIN IMAGES OF LIVING PERSONS.
There are guidelines for images listed within Help..
If you ask for an Edit, include the source of the information you believe supports your request. A link is appreciated, if possible. Online trees are excepted, don't send links to your online tree.
I am not receiving an email when an Edit has been requested, as before. If an Edit shows on my member page, they are not containing a link to the memorial, as before. Kindly include the memorial number in your request, if you wish the Edit to be made more quickly. The new site is not functioning with features that allowed fast, efficient changes to be made on the old site.
Until there are fewer problems there may not be a way to make certain Edits.
If there is no way to ask you to remove an image from a memorial that I am maintaining, the request will be sent to Administration.

For Those Members from the old "Friends" list, I did save my former list for my own use. You might continue to use the email while I still have that one . Happy Holidays.


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