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*** If you have information you would like to add for any of the memorials I maintain, please submit data via the ACTUAL "Suggest A Correction" message from the tab on the individuals memorial, and write to me (e-mail is listed above). I will no longer accept "edits" via the respective new tab Find A Grave has added.

For your data, I ask that you please include your source, or provide a copy (link or document) so that I may verify/file, if requested. As I've entered memorials, I've not always had the time to complete/fill in all details, due to time. In this endeavor, it's easy to "chase the squirrel" and get sidetracked. I just haven't gotten back through to all of them. If I have no supporting data, then I'll likely ask you for it. This is key as many memorials are also those of family members, in some shape or form.***
~Thank You!


I've always been interested in history since quite an early age. The interest and desire peaked during my later high school years, where my niche really became apparent. Although, I remain interested in any and all other periods of history, my focus lies around early American western (1840 - 1900's) and the period of our nations endurements of the great world wars (1910 - 1950's).

It was during this time in my education, that my desire to learn/know of my families history was created. As I followed/learned of the history involved with World War Two, I deeply felt a void as I had always known, but never asked/talked to my grandfather about his service during the war, and at that point, would never be able to as he passed 4 years prior.

Time forward to the pending birth of my son. This reinforced/brought back the desire to expand my knowledge of my family history and to completely document it for the eventual knowledge and preservation for my children and future generations to come. I've been researching, investigating, interviewing, documenting and relentlessly working to push the limits to always learn more, to uncover the next piece of information. To date, I've collected and documented into my database 11,846 people and growing. I have found/been in contact with a distant relative who lives only an hour from where I grew up, who has a database for another line of the family, where our two lines meet back in the early 1700's, as well as several other family members that I've connected to through Find A Grave.

Finally, it is this endeavor, that has led me to Find A Grave. Some of my family members had already been documented/memorialized here by the wonderful people who have come before me, to collect, document and remember/pay tribute to those who have passed. Not only the famous, whom are normally the ones memorialized, but everyday, common people. I have joined Find A Grave to lend my hand in extending this database, not only (and eventually) for all those not already listed in my families history, but to help others. I figure, if I'm already going to be driving 10 minutes to hours away to visit and pace a cemetery to find those that I am directly looking for, I can certainly do this for others that remain there and hopefully, help someone else in their endeavor. Especially when I contemplate that a cemetery is in walking distance from my house, and I could easily lend my time and services to help someone else out so easily, instead of them having to make a several hour to several state road trip to make that visit, to find... that relative!

I live in west Texas, but also make trips to the east coast (Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey) and up to Utah.

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