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I learned genealogy from the best - my parents! I am a fan of WWII and aviation history. I realize how important it is to memorialize our family and loved ones. I think FindAGrave is one of the greatest things ever invented.

I am placing USAAF airmen with their plane and crews in my virtual cemeteries. Folks, war is hell and so are aviation disasters. I do my best to be accurate and factual however tactful, and it is not possible to 'sugar coat' the events of WWII. My Uncle George Junior died in a horrific crash, but his last known words were truly heroic. No matter the circumstances, all who gave the ultimate sacrifice are heroes. I have personally found that the heroism overshadows the tragedy.

I AM SEEKING FAMILY CONTACTS for the sharing of BIOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION, PHOTOS, OBITUARIES, AND SERVICE HISTORIES. Please know that, although I am adding war history and crash information, I am just as interested in the family information and other biographical details.

I am adding military service photos for the purposes of historical documentation and memorializing those that served our great country, and no infringement is intended, as for most service photos, the photographer is unknown, no longer with us, or it is a government photo. The source of the photo will always be given in the caption.

If you would like a transfer, simply ask and please tell me your relationship. I have no problem transferring to any that have a closer relationship than I do, only I wish to add my information first before transferring. I am not related to most, so if you are family, please don't hesitate to request a transfer.

I volunteer in honor of my Uncle, FO George Franklin Churchwell, Jr, 1923-1943. It means a lot to me to see flowers left for him or my other Uncles, BMC Hillery Lee Churchwell, survivor of the USS Erie disaster, and Russell Owen Bean, who also experienced an early and tragic death. Also please visit my hero cousins memorials Pvt Paul Everette Patterson, PFC Ralph Delano Forest 'RDF' Churchwell, or any of the other fine young men who were WWII Casualties from Greene County, Mississippi.

I also appreciate visits and flowers for my sweet and beloved
B Velvet.

email - b24copilotniece (at) gmail.com
(take out the spaces and replace the 'at' with symbol!)

--Some of the memorials that I have added may have the interment date and not the DOD, so please send me any corrections you may have using the Edit button.

--Some food for thought on the 'copyright' of newspaper obits, visit here to learn more about the subject and caveats of 'fair use' -

--Things such as SACs work better with me if they are done in a polite and cordial manner.

— As a rule I do not change official military declaration of death date for soldiers who went missing. For military researchers, this date has a significant meaning as to the date they went missing and the circumstances as to whether or not there were witnesses, etc. Please do not suggest that official military dates of Finding Of Death (FOD)/declaration of death be changed. For those memorials I manage, I will be glad to place a note, however, in the biography about the date a soldier went missing or a likely date of death.

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The Santa Barbara B-24 Disasters - A Chain of Tragedies Across Air, Land, and Sea:
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NOTE I have high-quality images of the names on the TABLETS OF THE MISSING at ABMC's EAST COAST MEMORIAL but have not had the tremendous amount of time to post them here. If you need a good quality photo of a name on the wall, please email me and I will be glad to share with you the one that you need.
**NOTE** The weblinks provided above and on a few select memorials are historic in nature and are for informational purposes.

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