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29 Oct 2014 - well that was short lived! I just passed a Henderson Ranch Family Cemetery by the meteor crater in Odessa TX. It's private though and locked up. I hope to just contribute when I can. 01 Nov 2013 - I'm back in the game! woot! My twins are now almost two years old and it's now easier to make time to go out grave hunting. I need to put my bag back together (my "tomb raiding bag" as my husband puts it) and I'll be starting with Buffalo Cemetery in Sanford, Lee County, NC. Many of the in-ground stones are once again grown over. Hopefully I can connect with the groundskeeper again and see if they've done any additional organizing of the grounds. A couple of years ago he gave me a hand drawn layout of the sections but some letters are duplicated. Like sections B, C, D, and E. Of course some are older than others so that makes it a little easier! I can't wait to fulfill some requests!08 Oct 2011 - Got back out to Buffalo today! But I don't last as long as I used to now that I'm pregnant with twins. It's not too long before I have to either eat or pee! But I did find 2 out of the 6 posted requests, but really 3 as one of them had come with a text request. :)30 Jul 2011 - I think I'm gonna take a hiatus for a bit. For those of you in NC, you know how crazy hot and humid it's been. Not good weather for walking out in an open cemetery. But if I can't pop into one now and again, when it cools off I hope to be active again and getting some photos documented! Have a lovely rest of your summer!06 Jul 2011 - OMG! Who would've thought there'd be a New Hill Baptist and a New Hill First Baptist within a block of each other! Go figure!02 Jul 2011 - Ok, bare with me through a little rant here (and as I contradict myself). It bothers me a little to see a "problem reported" on requests. Most of the time it's because the volunteer did not truly look through the entire cemetery but it's also because they don't think out of the box. I found a couple in Sunset Memory Gardens, Mecklenburg County, NC that if you only went by her first and last name on your claim list you'd miss her. I can't stress enough that you either need a mobile device with you so that you can look at the interments full name and dob/dod or print out each memorial that you intend to find. So here's the contradiction... I like finding them... It's like a nanny-nanny-poo on you that I did. I only wish findagrave tracked those as well. The other "problem reported" I can't stand to see is "I didn't have time to look at the whole cemetery and I had my kids..." and blah, blah, blah. Send the person a message, private or public, but don't report it as a problem! Ahh, thank you for listening. I feel much better now! 12 Jun 2011 - Rockin' Willcox and Buffalo Cemetery requests today! 11 Jun 2011 - Yippee! Have filled some other requests in Buffalo Cemetery and Antioch Pres. 24 Apr 2011 - Finally got back into the groove. Fulfilled three requests and then some.I really enjoy going to Buffalo. I don't know if it's because it's just close or familiar but it's a nice cemetery for sure. 08 Apr 2011 - Well, I finally have time to get back in the game and there are a ton of requests but they keep getting snatched up by other volunteers! Yikes! Well, hopefully something will come around! 16 Mar 2011 - Wow, a whole month and I have not been able to go out and fulfill requests. Good thing there are other volunteer members in my area. I hope to be back at it soon. I have a goal of finishing the Buffalo Cemetery in Lee County NC but we'll see. ;) 15 Feb 2011 - Just got back from Buffalo with two new requests to fulfill. Sadly, not the two that have been eluding me for quite sometime! :( But still, two more is two more! ;)08 Feb 2011 - I hope to make it out to Buffalo Wed or Fri morn this week! Need to make the rounds again and uncover the Thomas'!30 Jan 2011 - (update) I found the Thomas' at Buffalo today - completely submerged under dirt!! That means I'll need to look twice as hard for the others! ;) 23 Jan 2011 - Y'know what this site really needs?! Status updates! Like facebook but limited to what graveyard you are currently at! That would be kinda cool. I visited Moore County cemeteries and fulfilled 5 requests. I wonder how long my bio can be if I use it like a mini-blog! ROFLMAO!07 Jan 2011 - I'm an amateur genealogist and I would say I'm still at the beginners level. I live in Sanford, NC (Lee County) but I work in Cary, near Raleigh. I would be happy to take requests for pictures of graves anywhere in the triangle area (Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill) and in my surrounding counties (Harnett, Chatham, etc). It gives me good reason to get familiar with areas outside my residence and work - plus it's just fun to go discover new cemeteries, read and see interesting grave markers, etc. Plus I really like the pay-it-forward idea of this website! And yes, you can use the photos I take for you family tree! ;) - Ami

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