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Check your edits, I send them!!

If I send you an obituary that was typed out, please be so kind to add it to the FAG page as I spent time typing it out for you!

Also, please leave the spaces like they are typed and put them all together, that makes them hard too read!!

When requesting a photo of someone, request the wife or husband if you know it, I have a lot FAG pages that I have to create that I really don't want to have, but it would be stupid for me not to get their photo while I am right there!!!!

First of all, obituaries, are not supposed to be on the photo side of the FAG page. Type it out, it will make your page much nicer. The obituaries on the wrong side just take up too much room! Obituaries should be placed under the letters BIO!

Death Certificates, Birth Certificates, and any other things that are not a photo are not to be placed on the right side. Inscriptions our on most stones, type them in the Inscription square on the FAG page, that is what it is there for. And when you create a page, place periods after single letters.

Read the obits, good information is there that might give you the maiden name and or middle name. Always put a period after single letters as a person searching for someone will 99 % of the time put a period after an initial, I don't search for the middle name unless I am sure of it, FAG search doesn't search too good when just an initial is used.

If you are a veteran buried at Fort Jackson, the inscription needs to be completely put on the FAG page as memory to the veteran, not just a name and date of birth and date of death as some people do. Some people may not able to read the inscription shown in the photo because the picture is too light or the engraving might not be not clear. If you will add the inscription to the page it will be helpful. Also, when including the section where the person is buried, it should read, for example, Sec 4 Lot 3 or section 4 Plot 3.

Some people aren't familiar with the way the Fort Jackson cemetery is numbered and by including the section and lot numbers it will be helpful to family members who are looking for a particular plot. Please help me make the veterans; locations and headstones as complete as possible. I want to honor these brave men and women who have served our country.

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