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it all started with 'just one grave' and then, it grew to adding more... I enjoy discovering, stumbling onto old obituaries or old graves at cemeteries, I have taken the liberty to clean or at times, dig up tombstones that have disappeared. There are plenty of interesting people that shouldn't be forgotten!

I don't know about the rest of you, but, strange things 'occasionally' happen while researching for certain people, rare but at times I feel I'm guided to find a grave or an obituary of a person that I never knew about and when I find the 'thing' (be it by accidentally or not), it usually has something to do with the day they died (the same day I'm looking for them, ie, if its March 16th, its the day I was looking for them too, today's date. It's happened to me some 20+ times. I've even stumbled onto peoples grave in cemeteries on their death date).

Celebrating a persons birthday, if they are deceased.
This has become more popular in recent decades, probably more so visible within social networking. Perhaps I'm old skool, but I definitely don't recall my parents, friends or mass media, saying "happy birthday to dad in heaven" or something similar to that note. Years ago, we would remember people the day they died, and wish them well, pray for them and their souls, to be in heaven.

It doesn't matter which country or culture, for the most part, the 'death date' was more important than the birth date. Many headstones from the 1800s to early 1900s, the death date was stated, and a person has to decipher the amount of years, months, and day: (ex:
Inscription; Col. William Gurnee, Departed this life June 1 1856, age 86 years, five months and one day.)

[[just in case; http://www.ovs-genealogy.com/tools/free_birthdate_calculator_calculates_birth_day.shtml ]]

Commemorate the dead! Keep them in your prayers. If you're not religious, that's you're choice, it's ok to remember the people who died on their day.

IF YOU NEED HELP IN TRANSLATING RUSSIAN (Ukrainian) HEADSTONES, I can "attempt" to do it too. Documents are sometimes hard for me to read.

Old Calendar [Julian] (o.c.) = New Calendar [Gregorian] (n.c.)
юлианский и григорианский календари калькулятор

AND.... ever bump into a paranormal experience?
I have, twice at 1 cemetery, two different times... One time, I have captured it in the photos, not noticing it at the time, 3 shots of a spirit moving.
and, while recording a beautiful view of the sun setting down the area, only to play it back at home, to hear voices.... somewhat unexplainable....

also, just in case....

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