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Gigi Monet Jackson
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"To live in the hearts of those we leave behind is not to die"

"Think not only upon their passing, remember the glory of their spirit"

I would like to post a poem written by my dearest and best friend, soul sister in spirit, who is now with our Father in Heaven.


Bury me not in the ground so cold,
But send my spirit again for Mama to hold.
Cover not my life with lumps of clay,
Or hide me from the sun I loved each day.

What few words on a stone can tell,
How I lived or loved, or oh how well.
Years from now, who will remember or care,
Time will weather the stone like it did my hair.

Death will claim my body, my spirit will be free.
I'll sail eternity, love, as I wait for Thee.
Scatter my ashes to the wind and sun,
And proclaim, my journeys just begun.

Written by: Victoria Nicole Cameron, Copyright © 2006

Victoria left me/us on May 12, 2010

Now a little about me ...

I was born 9 Aug 1947 in the "Old" Piedmont Hospital in Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia and raised in the southeastern part of the US ... Georgia, Tennessee, Florida, & South Carolina. My father served in World War II in the Pacific and served a total 28 years in the US Navy. I have lived in the Dallas/Ft Worth, Texas area since Aug 1968. I was married 26 Jun 1971 in Ringgold, Catoosa Co., Georgia. My spouse was born 23 May 1951 in Rockville Centre, Nassau Co., Long Island, New York. We met in Arlington, Texas in the Autumn of 1970. We now live in Grand Prairie, Dallas Co., Texas. We have one daughter born 4 Nov 1982 in Arlington, Tarrant Co., Texas. She was married 15 Sep 2009 in Austin, Travis Co., Texas. Her husband was born 21 Jan 1984 in North Yorkshire, England & they now reside together in Melsonby, Richmondshire, North Yorkshire, England.

My father was born in Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia and attended Tech High School in Atlanta. His father was a native of Atlanta as well and was a locomotive engineer for Southern Railway Co. for 45 years. During that time he was the engineer for Southern's flagship train "Crescent Limited" later know as "The Crescent". My dad after serving in the US Navy in World War II later went to work with Southern as well where he actually served as the Fireman on the Crescent with his father. Dad after just a couple of years re-enlisted in the US Navy prior to the Korean War and went on to serve a total of 28 years in the US Navy and Naval Reserves. After retiring from the Navy he went back to Southern where he was an engineer and finally retired with a total of 35 years with Southern.

My mother was born in Modesto, Stanislaus Co., California. Later her family moved to Pomona, Los Angeles Co., California where she attended and graduated from Pomona High School. Her father and one of her father's brothers both owned and operated large orange orchards in Pomona and Whittier California. Later the orchards were bought by Tropicana.

Mom and dad met through friends and were pen pals writing for a year to one another before actually meeting for the first time in Los Angeles prior to the War. They were married in Reno, Washoe Co., Nevada prior to dad going to Pearl Harbor aboard his ship the USS Boise a Navy cruiser. After the War dad returned to Pomona and picked up mom and they moved back to his home in Atlanta where I was later born.

I have been working on our genealogy since my parents passed away in 1994/95 in Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia. My father's family lines are centered in the southeast (Georgia, Tennessee, the Carolina's, & the Virginia's), as well as New England (Rhode Island & Massachusetts). My mother's are focused in Pennsylvania, the Virginia's, mid-west (Kansas & Iowa), & the west coast (Washington, Oregon, & California). My spouse's family lines are centered in New York & New Jersey. Thus far, our family lines entails over 9600 individuals and 54 generations going clear back to the year 592 AD.

One of our family lines, through my father's mother, my 8th great-grandparents Richard and Margaret Haines, whom arrived in America on the ship "Amity" in 1682, is even shared by former President, George W. Bush of the United States. Richard and Margaret Haines, likewise, are President Bush's 8th great-grandparents through his mother's mother making George W. Bush and myself both 9th cousins.

One of my distant blood relatives is Elizabeth "Bessie" Throckmorton, 1st Lady in Waiting to Queen Elizabeth the 1st of England, who married Sir Walter Raleigh. Another was Queen of both England and Ireland, Queen Catherine Parr Tudor, King Henry the VIII's sixth & last wife & only one to survive him. In addition to England's Royal lines I am also related to Lady Diana Spencer, Princess of Wales and also Camilla Shand, Duchess of Cornwall. Also, Queen Elizabeth II and the entire Royal family of England. A couple of my daughter's generation are actresses Kate Bosworth born Catherine Ann Bosworth and Anne Hathaway born Anne Jacqueline Hathaway born just 8 days after my daughter. I also have ties to Reba McEntire, Pres. Richard Nixon, Pres. Gerald Ford, Lady Eleanor Roosevelt who married her 5th cousin once removed, Pres. Franklin D. Roosevelt, as well as, Anne Hathaway who was married to William Shakespeare.

Countries of origin of individuals migrating to the USA in my family lines are England, France, Germany, Holland, Ireland, Scotland, Norway, and Sweden. My spouse's are Italy (Sicily), Germany, Prussia, Poland, and Russia.

The following are many of the ancestral family surnames of our research listed in family groupings. My father's are Jackson, Bosworth, McEntyre (McEntire/McIntyre/McIntire), Claspy (Clasby), Potts, , Scoggins, Thorton, Hathaway, Butler, Arthur, Dorsey, Pancoast, Haines, Bryant, Collins, Ogborne, & Scattergood. My mother's are Johnson (Johanson/Johansson), Osborn, Cox, Mathena (Matheny/Mathenay/Metheneye), Catlin, Rockwell, Emerick (Emerich/Emmeriche), Spence, Robinson, Havens, Tuttle, Henderson, Argenbright, Anderson, Palmer, Lorish, Curry, Sims, Routt, Thorpe, Wentworth, Hales, Swinnowe, Flintell, Throckmorton, Matthew, Hartley, & Scargill. My spouse's father's are Sala, Silverberg, LaRosa, & Leggio. My spouse's mother's are Bangert, Amberger, Weber, Holzhauer/Holzbauer, & Helfrich. Of course there are more surnames not mentioned. Thank you, Gigi

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