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I come from a family of eight Lafferty children. Just before I turned 8 years old, my mother gave us children up. We were put into three different Children's Home. The three older boys in one, my older sister and I in another, a younger sister and two younger brothers in a third home. For one year, we visited each other, and always stayed close to mother and dad. We lost the younger three children. It seems no one would tell us what happen to the 3 younger ones, if they were in foster homes, adopted, of even if they were dead. We grew up and one by one, for whatever reason left the homes and started making a life as a grownup. Being released back to my mother just after I turned seventeen. I started talking with mother about what happen to us. She always told me it was her mother and sister that did that to us. I believe it was God and in his wisdom knew it would be best for us. Dad died when I was 16 and never talked with me about mother. We five looked though out the years trying to find the younger three, and always had the doors shut. I got tired of the doors being shut on us so started doing the family Genealogy. My sister Mildred and I found the younger three after 34 years of looking. We eight had our first family reunion on mother's birthday 1988. I never stopped doing the family Genealogy. Doing the family history, I felt like a little kid in an attic full of treasures. In following the paper trail and the little my mother told me, I found the reason we were given up. My mother died before I found this out so I never got the chance to thank her for myself. I don't know what her other children, my brothers and sisters, think about this. I only know I am at peace with my life for the first time in years. When I found find grave.com, I knew I had to enter all the information I had so our family will live on long after we are gone.5/19/2010. I WILL STAND BY MY FINDINGS. GOD is the one put us in the homes. Mother was just the instrument he used. 01/11/2014

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