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Edit requests need to be submitted from the edit button.

Make sure there is a photo of the marker BEFORE you request ANY edits from me for Forest Lawn please. Use the REQUEST A PHOTO button. Many of the memorials were created based on optical character recognition of old records. To get the most accurate info, photos are needed for these local memorials.

We have great photo volunteers for this area


Once a photo of the marker is posted, then submit your edit request. Use the "suggest other corrections" section to give evidence for the correction if it does not match the marker.

Volunteers needed: Do you want to help with Forest Lawn Cypress or Long Beach?
Help needed:
1) Lookup birth dates - Many of the memorials were added without birth dates. If you love doing lookups and verifications, please contact me. Easy project but requires detail. Search CADI, SSDI, and corroborate with forest Lawn Directory lookups. Submit edits. Thousands of records need these updates.
2) Walk rows - these are extremely large cemeteries. If you'd like to walk specific rows or areas, I can provide a list by section or row, to verify and add to. This fills in gaps, and cleans up the listings.
3) Military Veterans - See virtual cemeteries below
4) Lookup plot locations

Virtual Cemetery: Military Veterans at Cypress Forest Lawn

I grew up on military bases, and knew guys and gals from every branch of the service. Some made it home, some didn't, and some still suffer. For those who served, I honor you. Painstakingly adding every Veteran to this virtual cemetery. Over 1530 had been located initially, and that number is now well over 1900. Slowly but surely, photo volunteers are adding a photo to each grave.

If you find any veteran's memorial at Forest Lawn Cypress, and it is not part of this virtual cemetery yet, please let me know the memorial number and it will be added, even if i do not manage that memorial. If it is not a memorial managed by me, please submit through the messages below, or by using the edit button on any memorial I manage.

Update: as of March 23 2017, we have located 2000 veterans memorials and the numbers continue to grow. Thanks everyone for continuing to let me know about every veteran's grave found at Cypress.

My virtual cemeteries for this project contain ALL identified veterans memorials at either Forest Lawn Cypress or Long Beach in the main category.

As I've had a chance to review them, they are also moved into a category by last name (to make retrieval easier, and to manage the project better).

IF you come across a veteran that is not listed (ie one I do not manage or have listed on these virtual cemeteries) please send me a message with the memorial number and I'll add it to the database I keep separately.

Many thanks to the fine efforts of the collaborators on the Veterans project.

Source information is important. Stories fill in the details. If you'd like to write a bio for any of the memorials I manage, please submit using the edit button.

KNOWN ISSUES:Name includes "AWAKENING FAITH" - This was due to a mass upload that went awry that FAG wasn't able to fix. Slowly but surely, we're finding them. Please send a gentle request using the EDIT button.

Note="FALSE" - Again, this was an error introduced during an upload by FAG. Difficult to find them all, so feel free to request an edit on any you find. [identified one batch #104654576 thru #104656934. That is 2358 memorials that have to be corrected one at a time -- all in Sunrise Section. There may be others.

So far, I've corrected 104654576 thru 104656180 as of 4/6/2017...only 900 more!]

No birth date:When we started the Forest Lawn Cypress and Long Beach, CA project, the data available only included a death date, no birth date. However, Forest Lawn has updated their website, and now include the birth year, IF they transcribed it correctly.

If you'd like to check their website, then submit edits, I'd love the assistance. Just let me know.

If you post a photo to a memorial that I manage, PLEASE submit an edit request so that I can add any details that are different.

Any photo that I personally posted is ok to use for personal family history only. I do not authorize my photos to be uploaded to pay sites, or for use in publications UNLESS YOU CONTACT ME SPECIFICALLY FOR PERMISSION.

Pioneer Cemetery Sylmar
Came across a listing of burials at this cemetery, and added them to Find A Grave. Great updates from Ann have increased the information available, as she and her mother have looked up death certificates and updated the dates, places, and included family names where possible.

Collaboration is SO cool!!

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