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I started this journey of my ancestry in 2006, very little to go on, join findagrave in 2010, started using the phrase; Finding my kin folks, when i found the website of the Hamiltons, my kin and they are also kin to Willie Nelson, through the Greenhaw who married into the Hamiltons, that is were they mention kin folks a lot? Found who is my grand mother was and many others. I am also kin to 1st Lady Mary Ann Todd 4th Cousin, 18th President Ulysses S. Grant 5th Cousin, 2nd Cousin to President George Washington, Daniel Boone's sister Sarah Sally Boone is my 7th Great Grand Mother, off of Salathiel Martin and his wife last name Cook it will take you to Odin 600 Norway a very Interesting line? King Henry V111, Willie Nelson a 2nd Cousin, but i dont have any talent like willie but we do have one thing in common and that we both have a love for the weed ha ha? Until i meet the Lord. Roy Acuff, Hugh Hefner is a 2nd Cousin, Hachaliah Bailey, who is credited with having the first circus in America, with Old Bet the Elephant, off my mothers side. The Hammons, found new evidence that im kin to Capt William L. Pierce he was the Captain of the Mayflower, second jurney, and was captain of governor Wyatt Guard, Walker side off of my mother's side Capt. William Anderson "Devil Anse" Hatfield is my 1st cousin 3 times removed. Off the Walker side on mothers side of the family you will find the Moore's, Richard and Elizabeth Orrick Moore had the following 9 known children: Benjamin, John, Thomas, Mary, Elizabeth, William, Samuel, Roger and Rivins Moore,

Ancestry shows 36 famous people who are related to Richard Moore. Here are some of these names and how they're related: Judy Garland(1922-1969), American Actress, Relationship: 7th Great Granddaughter; Thomas More(1478-1535), English Writer, Thomas More coined the word "utopia" when he published a book by the same name, Relationship: 4th Great Grandfather; Helen Adams Keller(1880-1968), American author and activist, 1st Cousin 6 times removed; Katharine Hepburn(1907-2003), American Actress, 3rd Cousin 7 times removed; Norman Rockwell(1894-1978), American Painter, 3rd Cousin 7 times removed; Mary Baker Eddy(1821-1910), Religious Leader, 6th Cousin 1 times removed; Bette Davis(1908-1989, American Actress, 6th Cousin 4 times removed; Robert Boyle(1627-1691), Irish Physicist, 8th Cousin; Elizabeth II (1952-present)(1926-), Windsors- Queen of the Commonwealth Realm, And of course many others? Growing up i didnt like my last name much for i was teased alot about it names like poke salad, pokejuice, pokejoy of whom i have found on facebook makes you wonder how that came about? But after seeing my ancestry line i now am very proud of it, wish i would of knowned that back then at age 8, i even wanted too change my last name at one point.

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