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Find A Grave - what a terrific resource for genealogy!
SUGGESTION TO HONOR AN INDIVIDUAL IN FINDAGRAVE add an obituary or create an obituary and add a personal photo (Remember FAG recommends that a personal photo be the main photo which gives a face to the memorial rather than a headstone, but of course a headstone is most desirable if at all possible). If an obituary is published in the newspaper and lists next of kin, then it is already public knowledge who the living members of the family are and should not be a problem adding this information to a memorial. Remember to add appropriate links to the individual's deceased father, mother, and spouse(s) as well as add or request a photo of their headstone.
TRANSFERS I am always willing to transfer memorials I have created if I am not closely related. Only those who truly care should request and maintain a memorial. To Request a transfer: Click on the memorial you want and then click on SUGGEST EDITS then go to SUGGEST OTHER CORRECTIONS then TYPE PLEASE TRANSFER THIS MEMORIAL TO ME and then TYPE your NAME and your Find A Grave Contributor number. THEN CLICK ON SAVE SUGGESTIONS!
PHOTOGRAPHS You may use my headstones photos for Ancestry or for your own genealogy only if you acknowledge where you got it. If you also want to use my personal photos, please ask and let me know how you would like to use them first. Thank you!
CORRECTIONS OR ADDITIONS To suggest additional information or suggest a correction please click on SUGGEST EDIT button.
VIRTUAL CEMETERIES When you cannot control your ancestor's Find A Grave memorials then create a virtual cemetery Check out how to do this on your contributor page.
SAVE COPIES OF ANY MEMORIALS whose information you do not want to lose especially family members whose memorial you don't control. Use the SNIPPING TOOL to copy the memorial and save to your computer and back it up on an external hard drive. You should then always be able to recreate it if the one who controls the FAG memorial decides for whatever reason to delete it.

1. HOW TO CREATE BOLD TEXT To create bold text in your Find A Grave memorials or on your home page you need to USE SOME HTML CODING: first type the less than sign (no space) NEXT type the letter b (no space) NEXT type the greater than sign (no space) NEXT TYPE THE TEXT YOU WANT IN BOLD (no space) NEXT type the less than sign (no space) NEXT type the slash / (no space) NEXT type the letter b (no space) NEXT type the greater than sign. THIS IS WHAT ENDS THE BOLD TYPE!
2. HOW TO CREATE ITALICS TEXT You can also do the same thing with italics by switching out the b and replace with i (for italics) using the same procedure. Or you can do both bold and italics; by adding both the corresponding HTML codes each separately one code following the other with no space. Experiment with this until you get it right. Try it!
3.HOW TO CREATE A LINK TO ANOTHER FIND A GRAVE MEMORIAL Sometimes you may want to link to another memorial especially when there is no way to normally link the memorial. Use the (less than sign) a h r e f ="https://https : // GRid=XXXXXXX" " Name / a
Simply cut/paste the above into the bio section. Replace the XXXXXXX with the Find a Grave memorial number. Replace Name with the text you want to display on the memorial.
NOTICE There are no spaces in the code except one after the letter a before href. Find the memorial you want to link to, copy the number from the memorial and paste that number where you see XXXXXX Then place the name of the person you want in place of the word NAME. Carefully delete the word name. Then click SAVE CHANGES. Always check to make sure the link is to the correct memorial.
4. HOW TO CREATE A LINK TO ANOTHER WEBSITE first type the less than sign (no space) NEXT type the letter a then href To create a link to another website use the same HTML code except in the quotes include the entire website address.; use the following HTML Code: a h r e f ; in this space copy and paste the web page you want to link to followed by a closed quote mark in this spot type what you want to call the link such as BIRTH RECORD or MARRIAGE LICENSE or whatever words explain the link followed by / a

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