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If you have copyrighted obituaries, requests for links, etc, please exercise discernment, patience and self restraint. Please be POSITIVE of the information you are sending. Increasingly I am receiving data and relationships simply lifted from online ancestry trees, etc, that are not verified. It is not helpful to recycle inaccurate information simply for the sake of populating blanks in forms.

Similarly note that if you are asking me to add a copyrighted obituary to a memorial I will credit your member name and number with that obituary out of respect for the intellectual property rights of the funeral home site or newspaper. Please, please credit your sources when you are copying content from others.

All obits, bios and relationship link information will be sourced to the person making the request of me and I will not be liable for the accuracy of the information nor of any issues surrounding the ownership or source of data/photos/etc that may have been inappropriately taken from others from myriad other online databases or copyrighted printed information or photographs.

Finally and quite importantly, if you would like permission to use one of my photos on another website or in a public family tree on the likes of, etc. , please email requesting written permission. Permission is generally granted, but most of us do not look kindly on those individuals simply lifting our photographs and posting them to online ancestry trees without so much as the courtesy of acknowledging where they came from-- in the race back in time to "prove" Adam and Eve as your ancestors, sans primary documentation. It is incredibly offensive and really disincentivizes some folks from sharing a lick of anything. Like runnin' with horse thieves. I don't do it.

I check edit requests and transfers twice a month and will tend to all corrections and transfer requests on that timeline.

Thanks for your understanding and many blessings in your own life.


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