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To all who read this bio or search my memorials please stop by and visit my dear Sister who died of Neuroblastoma, my beloved Mother who's life was cut tragically short by ovarian cancer, and my Step-Father who lived a full life.

My Grandma and Grandpa

Thanks to all of you who place flowers on the above memorials. I very much appreciate it.

Ask and you shall receive, unless they are related to me ( :

I believe family should be with family so ask.

Please leave me a message if you sponsor a memorial that is under my care and I will promptly transfer the memorial to you. If you sponsor it you should be in control of it. However, if they are related to me we can discuss it as I will not transfer relation that is close to me.

If I have created a memorial that is a duplicate please let me know as this is unintentional. No need to be mean and hateful, unfortunately, a lot of members on here act this way.

(Unfortunately, if I find your request is abrupt, demanding or in any way construed to be mean, hateful or unpleasant, your request will be ignored.) There is no reason to be this way.

Helmsman USS Oriskany CV-34 decommissioned 30 September, 1975
Deck Division USS Dubuque LPD-8 decommissioned 30 June, 2011

Family interests: Blew, Still, Mollet, Knabel and those that are related to them.

I work as hard as I can to find the parents of children that are buried with no parent connection. It just bothers me to see a memorial of a child or infant and no parents or flowers attached to the memorial.

Due to the recent diagnosis of Essential Tremors I am unable to take photographs of memorials because of the right hand shaking. Hopefully, we will get the medication figured out and some day I will be able to do this. Essential Tremors are not fun!

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