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To all who read this bio or search my memorials please stop by and visit my dear Sister who died of Neuroblastoma, and my beloved Mother who's life was cut tragically short by ovarian cancer.

Cleet Carter my best friend.

Joey Quinonez my best friend.

Thanks to all of you who place flowers on the above memorials. I very much appreciate it. I would also like to personally thank all the contributors who have sent me corrections, updates, and changes to the memorials I manage, and a HUGE thank you to all that have accepted the corrections, updates, and changes to memorials I have sent you. You are so much appreciated, you will never know how much! You make it so much easier to do things here!

My family interests: Blew, Still, Mollet, Knable, Slaughter, Wright, Phillips, Pitman, Pittman, Stephenson, Dorrell, Teeter, Lingo, Essenpreis, Allison and Hofer.

I am originally from Rome, Peoria, Illinois, USA and now reside in Seattle, King, Washington, USA. Navy veteran, USS Oriskany (CV-34), USS Dubuque (LPD 8), Helmsman, Deck Division. I love the greater northwest especially the climate, people, mountains, and the famous Public Market.

I find it utterly disrespectful not only to the military but to the service member who put their life on the line to defend our country, to not put their rank in their name. I find it even more shameful to yell at me for sending an edit and then declining it that adds his or her rank to their name. You should choose the closest to their rank if it is not listed. If you know it, list it out of respect and for recognition to those who visit the memorial. This is respect people and you should be ashamed if you do not show it in their name!

I believe family should be with family so if I have anyone under my tutelage that is related to you (and not related to me) I will gladly transfer the memorial, just ask...POLITELY. My goal is to find homes for all the memorials I have added that are not related to me. So please don't hesitate to ask.

In addition, please leave me a message if you sponsor a memorial that is under my care and I will promptly transfer the memorial to you. If you sponsor it you should be in control of it. However, if they are related to me we can discuss it as I will not transfer relation that is close to me.

Unfortunately, if I find your request to be abrupt, demanding or in any way construed to be mean, hateful or unpleasant, your request will be ignored. There is no reason to be this way. Also, I do not purposely create duplicate memorials, but if by chance I have duplicated one of your memorials please contact me in a nice manner and I will delete it. If you are hateful about it I will ignore you. No reason to be mean. Also, I will not respond to edits/corrections, etc., from members who have disabled their public messages since there is no way to contact you.

Note: Please do not post death certificates, obituaries, funeral home announcements or bio information in the virtual flowers section. If you would like this information posted, please send it through the Edit tab and then the Suggest any other correction or addition link. Also, I support anyone who adds a photo of their ancestor to their memorial for all who stop by to view. Pictures add so much to the memorial!

Note: Feel free to use any of the photos I have provided, you do not need prior permission from me. I also do not need to be referenced in this matter unless you feel the need. I do, however, appreciate anyone that does reference me (photo by: YankeeGraver).

Finally, I've had a lot of help along the way and I appreciate each and every one of you! If not for the first family tree I received from my aunt, I would never have started this 10+ year journey I've been on.

PS...My purpose here is to not "compete" and obtain as many memorials as I can. I do not try to own, covet, claim, crave, possess or acquire as many as I can like some on here. This is not a race or a game, this is to add to FAG's database. Personally, I would love to get rid of all the memorials I have added to the database. I do try, however, to maintain my relatives if at all possible. I realize FAG "rules" state you do not need to own every relative but I feel it is better if you do so you can add to it what you want when you want and not bother the "manager" of the memorial.

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