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the son of John Baxter Mathis & Minnie Olivia Ertzberger Mathis & Grandson to William Thomas Mathis & Sarah Miller Mathis and Great grandson of William Wesley Mathis an Martha Hall Mathis. My Dad and Grandparents are from Jackson Co. NC. on my Mother side i am the grandson of Brannon B. and Sara Garner Ertzberger and great grandson of Walker Jefferson Ertzberger and Dicey Smith Ertberger. I was Born in Gastonia,NC. moved to the Swain and Jackson Co. area in 1981 and me and my wife love it here in the Great Smoky Mountains, I enjoy doing Genealogy and visiting Different Cemeteries and taking photo's and when i can . if anyone needs me to add anything to a name, just leave me a message and i will be glad to add or change, the dates are whats on the headstones or what i can figure out, if I duplicate graves i will delete it just let me know. if you want me to transfer i will or do request, Thank you John. No Person is truly dead until the last person forgets to remember them. { Author Unknown } Death Leaves a heartache no one can heal Love leaves a memory no one can Steal. { Unknown } Mathis, William Wesley Birth : APR 1837 NC Gender: Male<br />Family:<br />Spouse: Terry, Martha Bn : 15 SEP 1842 NC<br />Death : 10 JUL 1929 Waynesville, Haywood Co., NC<br />Gender: Female<br /><br />Children:<br />Mathis, William Thomas <br />Mathis, James Washington <br />Mathis, Elbert <br />Birth : ABT 1870 NC<br />Gender: Male<br />Mathis, Dillard Andrew <br />Mathis, John E. <br />Mathis, Sarah B. <br />Birth : ABT 1876 NC<br />Gender: Female<br />Mathis, George W. <br />Mathis, Joel McDuff <br />Mathis, Rufus Edgar <br /><br />My GrandFather<br />Mathis, William Thomas <br />Birth : 30 APR 1864 Jackson Co., NC<br />Death : 27 JAN 1929 Scotts Creek, Jackson Co., NC<br />Gender: Male<br />Parents:<br />Father: Mathis, William <br />Mother: Terry, Martha <br /><br />Family:<br />Marriage: 06 APR 1884 in Jackson Co., NC <br />Spouse:<br />Miller, Sarah Elvira <br />Birth : 09 MAY 1866 Jackson Co., NC<br />Death : 03 FEB 1936 Scotts Creek, Jackson Co., NC<br />Gender: Female<br />Parents:<br />Father: Miller, William L. <br />Mother: Clayton, Martha Ann <br /><br />Children:<br />Mathis, William G. <br />Birth : MAR 1886 Haywood Co., NC<br />Gender: Male<br /><br />Mathis, Anderson B. <br />Birth : JUL 1887 Haywood Co., NC<br />Gender: Male<br /><br />Mathis, Benjamin H. <br />Birth : MAY 1891 NC<br />Gender: Male<br /><br />Mathis, Elbert Clingman <br />Birth : 02 OCT 1893 Addie Jackson Co., NC<br />Death : 17 OCT 1918 Scotts Creek, Jackson Co., NC<br />Gender: Male<br /><br />Mathis, Thomas C. <br />Birth : JAN 1893 Haywood Co., NC<br />Gender: Male<br /><br />Mathis, Arty <br />Birth : SEP 1894 Haywood Co., NC<br />Gender: Female<br /><br />Mathis, Samuel Houston <br /><br />Mathis, Nancy E. <br />Birth : APR 1897 <br />Gender: Female<br /><br />Mathis, Sarah Emmaline <br />Birth : 27 MAR 1898 Jackson Co., NC<br />Death : 30 NOV 1966 High Point, Guilford Co., NC<br />Gender: Female<br /><br />Mathis, John Baxter <br />Birth: 18 July 1902<br />Death: 14 Feb 1994<br /><br />Mathis, Nettie Ann <br />Birth: Apr. 14, 1905<br />Death: Dec. 22, 1996<br />Sylva, Jackson County<br />North Carolina, USA <br />W/o Samuel Elsie Cogdill B.3-21-1901 D.5-5-1972

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