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Happy to help if you know that the person is really buried there from some information. Not sure I have the time to search an entire graveyard looking for someone that isn't already listed as buried there!

MY PHOTOS: Unlike some people who are getting very very snarky about the photos they take and going after people who use them on, you are WELCOME TO USE ANY PHOTOS I UPLOAD ANYWHERE YOU WANT! I'm not sure why anyone participates in helping people with photos if they're going to put them on a site specifically for collaboration. I'd rather they just so no since no one knows that somewhere they said you can't use it! Ouch! Nonetheless, have at mine. I'm perfectly willing to share my work because so many have done it for me.

DELAYS IN REQUESTS for the Charlottesville, Virginia Oakwood Cemetery Project:

This cemetery/ site began from a year long project to get the City of Charlottesville to give me the names and locations of the burials. When I received that, I uploaded that spreadsheet. It turned out it was over 7,600 names! However, they had hundreds of seeming duplicates, others are adding new ones and asking me to delete the ones I uploaded, or vice versa, and there are over 100 I know of already that weren't even on the City's list of which I took pictures of the headstones and added them myself! because clearly if there is a photo of a stone, they are buried there! Additionally, with lots of people emailing me information or questions about sites, along with pointing out duplicates the influx of requests is somewhat overwhelming. But, good news is I'm working on it, but lots of requests for corrections, to add stories, to connect graves to loved ones, to transfer direct graves to other family members, to delete duplicates. I am even privileged to have one woman who emails with harrassing snarky comments about giving her the whole thing even though I've been working on this for a couple of years... which is not permitted by rules, so don't give up! I'm getting there, but if you're snarky, I'm probably not going to get to it as fast as those that make it easy to delete duplicates (include the link, do it through the system); include the links for adding people to other people, and appreciate the volume of the issue created by over 100 years of graves and having the City of Charlottesville oversea something they weren't originally expected to manage.

SOLUTION: If you haven't heard in 30 days, and you want to get it done and you are directly related, the FAQs section of indicates you can ask the administrator of the site directly and they will get that changed. So, if you are in a hurry, please feel free to do that as I cannot possibly do this as a full time job but I'm working through it. I've taken hundreds of photos.

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