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A photo or few every now and then.
And a photo request or two fulfilled as and when I can.

Links others have shared:

A lat/long converter I use: andrew.hedges.name/experiments/convert_lat_long
Alternatively try this (thanks Lost_Wages):

Finding just latest approved edits I submitted (thanks Frankz!): http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=listEdits&MRid=47072780&listEditMode=myApprovedEdits&startRow=240 . . . except depends on results sorted by date which they aren't now.

Various lists of a given cemetery (thanks John!) http://sents.net/fg/cpi?find=49261
And his sprdsht of subset of cemetery 999 http://sents.net/fg/gps?cemid=999

Find approx street address (thanks Amit Agarwal!) http://ctrlq.org/maps/address/

Jackie's Tool Box link (thanks, Jackie!)
Create a .csv for Photo Requests
Find A Grave FAQ
Beta County Mapper
Acme Mapper - Use it for Topo Maps
GPS Calculator
Atlas of Historical County Boundaries

How to find oldest graves (thanks Mike Maxton!)
1) Begin a new search
2) In the last name field, enter 123.
3) Check the box for "Do partial name search on surname".
4) Choose BORN BEFORE 1840.
5) Choose DIED AFTER 1400.
These are a little counter-intuitive. The death year after 1400 (you can vary this some, if you like) is EXCLUDING all the unknown death years. But if we just did those death years, we would be looking at hundreds of thousands of records, so we narrow it further by adding BORN BEFORE 1840. If you are looking at a County that is very old, you may want to narrow the search even further by changing to BORN BEFORE 1820 or older.
6) Choose a State and a County. You can't do the complete US or a state, in most cases. Your query will time out before you get any results.
7) Choose order by death date.
If you haven't over-loaded the servers, you'll get a result in about 60 seconds.

Frankz says:
just add &GSob=d to the end of a cemetery's url ... sort cemetery by death date ... likewise, use &GSob=b to sort by birth date.

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