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I want to thank God for my wonderful parents who are now deceased and living in eternal paradise with Him. They instilled the Word of God and Christian principles in my heart helping to develop the morals I live by today. I am forever indebted to them for their Christian example in my life.


"The LORD is my shepherd ... surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life; and I will dwell in the house of the LORD Forever" (Psalm 23:1-6 NKJV).


PHOTOS AND DOCUMENTS: You may use any and all photos and documents which I have posted to Find-A-Grave. I only request that you add a source note to ALL photos and documents that you may use. If someone has given me permission to post a photo or document, PLEASE be sure to give that person the appropriate credit.


I have been researching the Anderson, Carroll, Dunham, Quarry, Ramey, Sanders and Starnes families since 2004.

I must take the time to give God all the praise for allowing me to meet so many wonderful people via the Internet while researching our families. PRAISE GOD FROM WHOM ALL BLESSINGS FLOW!

If by chance I have created a memorial for someone that is in your family, I will be glad to post any additional information that you may have. PLEASE ACCEPT MY APOLOGY IF I HAVE ENTERED ANY INFORMATION IN ERROR.


I am researching the family history for both my husband and myself.

The PRIMARY surnames for the family of my husband are: Anderson, Collins, Derrick, Hardy, Ramey (Remy) and Sanders (Saunders).

The PRIMARY surnames for my family are: Adams, Allred, Ashton, Baldwin, Barcke, Barrett, Barrow, Bathurst, Baynton, Beard, Biggs, Bishop, Blackburne, Bonum, Boylston, Brannon, Brent, Brooks, Broughton, Bulmare, Bunch, Burgis (Burgess), Callahan, Cantelupe, Carlock (Garloch, Garlock) Carroll (Carrell), Clifton (De Clifton), Constable, Cooper (Couper, Cowper), Cox, Daugherty (Doherty, Dougherty), Davis, Devault, Dormer, Drake, Dunham, Ellington, Eskridge, Ferrell, Fitzherbert, Fletcher, Forrester, Fourenis, Goldman (Goldmann), Grey, Hakluyt, Halsall, Hancock, Harris, Hayes, Henderson, Hewitt, Higgenson (Higginson), Hill, Hinshaw, Howard, Howson, Huss, Ingram, Ivy, Janney, Jayes, Jeffreys, Johnson, Jones, Kenner, King, Kyle, Lee, Lewis, Lyons, Martin, Maxwell, Mercheroth, Milam, Miles, Mitchell, Mohun, Moredock, Motley, Needles, Newberry, Nolen, Norris (Norreys), Osborne, Pearsall, Pearson (Peersonne, Pierson), Penner, Perkins, Peters, Phillips, Philpot, Porter, Powell, Price, Quarry (Quary, Queary, Quearry, Queiry, Query and Querry), Quincy, Quiney, Randolph, Ritz, Robinson, Rodham (Roddam), Rythe, Sadler, Sayers, Sheldon, Sherburne (Shireburne), Sinkler, Skaggs (Scaggs, Skeggs), Smith, Specht, Starnes (Staring, Starns, Stearnes, Stearns), Steadman, Sturley, Tattershall, Taylor, Thear, Thomas, Thompson, Tichborne, Tildesberry, Washington, Weldon, Wells, Wentworth, West, Whyte, Wilson, Wollard and Yates.

The surnames for the allied families are: Abel, Adams, Allen, Armstrong, Arris, Ashton, Atchley, Aylett, Baker, Ball, Barnett, Bellamy, Berryman, Biglands, Bledsoe, Bloomer, Brent, Brown, Browning, Byington, Calton, Campbell, Christian, Cline (Kline), Coker, Coulbourne, Crockett, Custis, Davies, Doty, Dunbar, Duncan, Eagle, Fansler, Farmer, Farned, Feagins, Ferrell, Ford, Foushee, Franklin, Griggsby, Guley, Harman, Henderson, Henry, Hite, Holt (Holte), Housewright, Hyder, Jackson, Jett, Lamb, Lane, Lawson, Looney, Mahala, Mauk, Mayo, McLain, McNeil, Miller, Mitchell, Molsbee, Newton, Page, Parrish, Pickett, Powers, Read, Robinette, Rogers, Rust, Sams, Seidel, Shakespeare, Sizemore, Spence, Strange, Thacker, Thurman, Trindle, Valentine, White, Vaulx, Vandeventer, Wallace, Washington, Watson, Webb, Williams, Wilson (Willson), Winegar (Wineinger, Wininger) Wolfe (Wolf), Wood, Woods, Woolford and Young.


FIND-A-GRAVE.COM Memorial Naming Conventions - Non-famous Memorials:

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LAST NAME: Last Name as you would find it on the tombstone, if the interred had more than one marriage or other possible spellings please place this information in the bio and use the family links. Do not include honorary or other suffixes in the Last Name field.


TRANSFERS: I will be glad to transfer memorials I have created that ARE NOT in any way related to my family.


I would like to say a heartfelt THANK YOU to all Find-A-Grave Contributors that have granted my request to update a memorial and have taken their time to take photos of memorial headstones and post them to Find-A-Grave.

May God truly bless each of you,

Your Sister in Christ

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